Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato Flecking Award WINNERS!

22 03 2011

Miley picked up 4 Flecking Awards and Demi picked up 3!

Best Album
“Can’t Be Tamed” was Miley Cyrus’ first post-Hannah Montana album, as well as single, and her chance to show us all the she could do “grown-up” music.

Most Stylish Female
Miley is one of those individuals who can pull off any look, be it rock chick on stage or keeping it simple when she’s out and about on her bike.

18-year-old Miss Cyrus also picked up the “Put Some Clothes On” Flecking Award, which just goes to show that when she DOES wear clothes, she wears them very very well.

Best Music Video
“Can’t Be Tamed” was Miley Cyrus’ first post-Hannah Montana single, and her chance to show us all the she could do “grown-up” music.

Miley (re) burst onto the scene with instant hit Can’t Be Tamed, with a high budget, raunchy, headline-grabbing new video.

Best Female Musician
After such a terrible end to 2010 for Demi, it’s great to see her getting her life back on track and cracking on with her career. It was during her tour with the Jonas Brothers that Demi decided it was best she checked herself into rehab for “emotional and physical issues” – a wise move, but you guys actually said you found this story the most shocking of the past 12 months.

Despite her personal problems, her fans love her move than ever, voting her the Best Female Musician in the Flecking Awards.

Congratulations Demi, it’s so nice to see you getting your life back on track.

Best Celebs on Twitter
Receiving a massive number of votes we have Demi Lovato (@DDLovato), who is our Best Female Tweeter.

Most Shocking News Story
As part of our Flecking Awards, voted for by our readers, we asked “Which news story shocked you the most from the past 12 months?”

When we found out that Demi had entered rehab last October, we were surprised too. She’s always been the teen starlet that all the others should try to be more like, but even the greatest need a little help sometimes and so Demi checked herself in. It’s all good now, because she’s out and getting her career back on track, with the full support of her devoted fanbase.

Congratulations Miley & Demi! 😀



3 responses

29 03 2011
pauL jOhn

miley cyrus for me !!!
no matter what the other says …

28 05 2011

Demi 4 Me nO MaTTer wHaT!!

28 05 2011

Demi rocks!!! Love you Demi!!!!

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