New ‘So Undercover’ Stills

31 05 2011

In other exciting news, Congratulations Miley on going 3x platinum in Colombia! ๐Ÿ˜€

ALSO, Gorgeous new Vijat Mohindra outtake:


Demi Lovato: Cambio Live Chat Teaser

30 05 2011

Demi Lovato w/ Sarah Francis

30 05 2011

“Always GoodTimes with my sister! @ddlovato

Apparently Demi was at Wilmer Valderrama’s party.

ALSO, another new pic:


“So Random!” Sneak Peek: All Star Wheel of Fortune

29 05 2011

Gypsy Heart Tour: Guadalajara, Mexico

29 05 2011

The Climb:


More pics HERE.

More videos UNDER

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Demi Lovato Twitpic Roundup #8

29 05 2011

“Cuddling with a unicorn of course..”

“Sister love ๎€ข @TheDallasLovato & @Maddielovesyou1

Demi Lovato’s Cambio Live Chat

27 05 2011