Miley Cyrus in People’s ‘100 Celebs Who Influenced Our Time’

21 08 2011

A definitive child star prepares for life after Disney land.

As the 13 year-old star of the Disney teen hit ‘Hannah Montana’, Cyrus took off fast. Two albums went platinum, her ‘Best of Both Worlds’ tour had some parents paying more than $2,500 for scalped tickets, her 2008 album ‘Breakout’ debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard chart.

But along the way she also began to hit turbulence.

Images of a young Miley in a bar dancing provocatively with a much older man and taking bong hits (she said the fuel was not marijuana but salvia, an herb, legal in California, that can have psychological effects) all popped up on the Web.

Last October, her dad, singer Billy Ray Cyrus, filed for divorce from her mom Tish, and complained publicly that “he damn show destroyed my family”.

The couple later reconciled but Miley still seemed a little uncertain about her next move. At press time, saying she was unsure whether America wanted to see her perform, she announced commitment only for tours in South America and Australia in 2011 saying “I just want to go places I am getting the most love”.



Demi Lovato @ Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

21 08 2011

Demi attended Kim Kardashian’s wedding yesterday. (August 20)


Miley Cyrus Out Shopping w/ Liam Hemsworth

21 08 2011

Miley out jewellery shopping with boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. She was seen buying bracelets at the LTH Studio in Los Angeles yesterday. (August 20)

ALSO, Dolly Parton: “We’re punishing Miley for growing up”

Recently, Dolly Parton – Miley’s god mother – took part in an interview with Guardian. Check out what the article said below:

This sharper tone returns when she talks about the harsh treatment “my little friend Miley Cyrus” has been getting from the press: “We’re punishing her for growing up, just like we did to Shirley Temple,” she announces sternly. It can be stated with some certainty that this is the first time Miley Cyrus has been compared to Shirley Temple.

You can read the full article HERE.