Demi Lovato Drives Fans Bonkers @ Secret VEVO Go Show in Atlanta

7 12 2011

VEVO is still reeling from the wild scene at Demi Lovato‘s Go Show performance in Atlanta a few days ago. The singer has no lack of fans, and after 12 hours of set up by our production crew, it was fun to see the lines of Demi freaks around the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center not particularly realizing that a very special performance was going to take place behind the venue. How special? Well about a half hour before the doors opened for the main show, a flatbed truck sporting Team Demi inched around the place, from the parking garage to the front of the building, moving at about 2 mph.

Imagine the full-tilt explosion that went down when truck blasted its horn and the awaiting audience heard Lovato and her band launch into “Give Your Heart A Break.” That spelling once again is M-A-Y-H-E-M. Confusion (how can this beautiful miracle be happening?), screaming (“Demi, Demi, Demi”), and crying (joy tears, of course) were the order of the evening.

VEVO’s Go Show captures lots of great artists performing in unusual situations, but this one got a reaction that measured on the Richter scale. Thanks to Demi, whose bright orange/red hair looked fab in a brown dress and hat outfit, and her rather zealous fans for turning a seemingly ordinary gig into a night to remember. Stay tuned for the premiere date of the performance, coming up in early 2012.

Were you one of the fans who caught the truck ride gig? We want to hear from you! Hit the comments and tell us how Demi did while rolling!

Here are some pictures:

ALSO, a new Demi interview with Janet Snyder:




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