Demi Lovato Bliss Magazine Interview

5 02 2012

Demi recently did an interview for Bliss Magazine, where she spoke about Miley. Check out what she said below:

We saw on Twitter that Miley Cyrus dared you to add crazy words into interviews – can you confirm you won’t do this today?!
[Laughs] “Yeah, I’m not gonna do that.”

You and Miley have more of a fiery relationship than the one you have with Selena – do you argue like sisters?
“Yeah definitely, she’s like a sister to me and she’s definitely my best friend.”

You’ve said Selena was the only friend who was really there for you when you were in rehab – has your friendship strengthened?
“Definitely, but other people were there for me too – Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, I had other people there for me, but I feel it definitely strengthened our friendship.”






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