Miley Cyrus & Manager Split

11 02 2012

Coinciding with the studio announcing a new actress to co-star with Adam Sandler in the upcoming animated vampire flick, THR sources confirm that Jason Morey and the former Disney star have also parted ways.

On the heels of the news this week that Miley Cyrus is out of Sony Pictures’ upcoming animated vampire flick, sources confirm to The Hollywood Reporter that she and manager Jason Morey have also split.

The studio confirmed the departure of the 19-year-old singer and actress from Hotel Transylvania, featuring Adam Sandler voicing the lead role of Dracula. Cyrus would have played Mavis, his teenage daughter, but was quickly replaced by former Disney darling Selena Gomez.

Though the cause of Cyrus and manager Morey’s split remains unclear, is this latest development the sign of an impending downward professional spiral or simply a case of bad luck and unfortunate timing?

Sources tell THR that Cyrus’ party habits, most recently documented by a double-whammy “cake-gate,” are partially to blame for her recent professional breakups. Cyrus kicked off the new year being photographed with a “penis cake” at beau Liam Hemsworth’s birthday bash and with a Bob Marley cake at her own celebration. Marley may seem harmless enough, but it was Cyrus’ own words that dug her proverbial grave: “You know you’re a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley Cake,” she said during the event. “You know you smoke way too much fucking weed!”

A rep for Cyrus — and pal Kelly Osbourne — quickly diffused the situation by publicly stating that her words were all just a big joke.

“u guys, if @MileyCyrus is not recording/filming/touring she is works everyday how could she possible do all that if she was a stoner!” Osbourne wrote on Twitter following the incident.

The once-budding superstar left her squeaky-clean Disney persona behind with the end of Hannah Montana in January 2011. In an effort to ignite her post-Disney career as a serious actress, Cyrus made her non-Hannah-related film debut withThe Last Song in 2010, which earned a dismal 20% rating on RottenTomatoes. However, the film based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the same name, still managed to bring in $89 million in box office sales.

Cyrus has since filmed the teen romcom LOL ­ — which has yet to secure a release date from Lionsgate — ­ as well as the action comedy So Undercover, due out on March 16 from The Weinstein Company. The jury is out on her performance in both films, but if plotlines are any indication, both appear safe within the young actress’ comfort zone.

With the Grammys fast approaching, it is not yet known whether Cyrus will attend the annual awards show. She is expected to make an appearance at Clive Davis and the Recording Academy’s pre-Grammy party on Saturday.




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