Liam Hemsworth Talking About Miley Cyrus on The Bert Show

11 03 2012

Miley’s boyfriend Liam Hemsworth recently spoke about Miley and their relationship on The Bert Show. If you can’t listen to the video, check out what he said below.

We know that you won all the awards for that on-camera smooching you were doing with Miley Cyrus, so we gotta know about the off-camera smooching – how’s that going?
Uhh, it’s still going.

[Laughs] Tell us about it, how long you been together? For a right now, right?
Yeah, we’ve been uh, we met on The Last Song and uh, yeah it’s uh, it’s still going so uh, yeah.

Was it easier working with a significant other on a film, or is it easier working with a complete stranger?
Uhhh, I think uh, you know, going into it, it’s, it wasn’t a goal to for that to happen but, I dunno, we just got closer and closer through the shoot, and uh, yeah. It kinda happened. [Laughs]

So with two huge careers like that, it’s gotta be tough to find time to just chill out and hang out with each other, I mean, are you following her career or is she following your career? How do you guys make time for each other?
You know, we have, I have my personal life and my work life, and um, I try to keep the two seperated and uh, you know, you gotta make both work.

Liam, gossip magazines you know, can be pretty brutal and pretty mean and especially when it comes to your girlfriend Miley Cyrus, talking about her about her weight, about her birthday parties, what do you say to Miley when she sees those type of stories coming out; do you go into protective mode?
Yeah we have a pretty supportive relationship, um we’re always very supportive of each other’s careers and what’s going on in them and uh, yeah. You know, we both know how we feel about each other and we have uh, you know, a good support system.

ALSO, two pics of Miley on Punk’d:

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