Demi Lovato’s “Yes I Am” to Be an Released in Europe

11 04 2012

AnythingDiz gained exclusive news today that Universal Music will be releasing the B-side track “Yes I Am” as a part of an eSingle with the European release of Demi Lovato’s “Give Your Heart a Break” single on Friday (4/13). Demi’s video for the single premiered a couple weeks ago, and the song has been recently gaining steam on US radio.

Lovato told Universal that she looks at Unbroken as a good “summer soundtrack” album, and also as an album for fans who may be going through difficult times. Demi said the songs help put her in a better mood when singing them, and she hopes they’re able to do the same for others.

Unbroken is the third album from Demi, and she’s entirely devoted herself to music now, shying away from her former acting career. She’s recently tweeted about plans for her fourth album, saying “So excited to start writing for my fourth album… this time there is NO holding back!”

The demo version of “Yes I Am” track leaked last month, we can’t wait to hear the finalized version!




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