Miley Cyrus Bravo Magazine Interview

31 05 2012

Location: The stylish Luxury-Hotel SLS in Beverly Hills (310 Euro/night). In a suite on the fifth floor Miley is sitting on a couch, barefoot. Me, the Reporter of BRAVO, am here for an exclusive Interview. And she didn’t hold back!

BRAVO: Miley, a lot of people are worried about you because you lost a lot of weight recently…

Miley: I love that my fans think about me. But I’m healthier than ever! I’m neither anorexic nor do I have psychological problems or cut myself. Really, I’m as fit as a fiddle and in a great mood!

BRAVO: Do these rumors bother you?

Miley: No. I learned that it is irrelevant what I do – somebody will take offense anyway. If I loose a few pounds because I changed my diet, I’m anorexic. When I used to have a few pounds more, I was called fat. If I have sex, I’m a slut. If I don’t have sex, I’m a loser. What’s up with that? Therefore I live my life how I want – and I am happy with it. If this bother somebody he has to cope with that himself.

BRAVO: Still you sound a bit upset…

Miley: No, I am really not. I learned a lot about that from my boyfriend Liam. He is really calm – he doesn’t get upset easily. I admire that and try to live according to that.

BRAVO: So what does Liam say about your new body?

Miley: Liam is happy because I feel better now than before. He supported me to change my diet. My doctor diagnosed that I have a Gluten intolerance. It is a protein that some people can’t digest.

BRAVO: So what’s on your diet now?

Miley: Primarily fish, chicken, salad and fruits – and some red meat from time to time. But not fried, only cooked or grilled. And I don’t eat white bread, only gluten-free wholewheat bread.

BRAVO: There’s not only trouble in real life, though. In your new movie “LOL” you play the 16 year old Lola, who has a lot of problems herself.

Miley: Yes! Lola is a typical teenager. I think a lot of girls can identify with her. And the boys who will see the movie can learn a lot from her about girls (laughs).

BRAVO: Lola has her first sex in the movie and is afraid to talk about it with her mother. Did you tell your mother everything you did with your friend in the bedroom?

Miley: I probably told my mom more than what she wanted to know (laughs). I’m really lucky, me and my mother, we were always close. I never had to keep secrets from her.

BRAVO: Your mother is also the producer of the movie and your boss. Does this work on set?

Miley: Sometimes it’s a pain (laughs). I can’t stand when she tells me: ‘Do the scene again like this and this.’ Then I tell her: ‘Mom, you’re not an actor, leave it to me and the director.’ But it’s ok that she is there on set – we trust each other hundred percent. That is a nice feeling, because trust is really important in our business – and not something that can be taken for granted.

ALSO, Trace Cyrus on working with Miley:



Miley Cyrus: You’ve Got to Have a Safe Haven

30 05 2012

Miley enjoyed some time out with her brother, Braison, riding her bike in Toluca Lake (May 29). More pics HERE.

Growing up fast, Miley Cyrus, 19, stars in LOL, a coming-of-age romantic comedy opposite British actor, and Burberry model, Douglas Booth, as well as Hollywood legend, Demi Moore, who plays her mother.

In real life, the Tennessee-born popstar-actress is going out with Australia’s Liam Hemsworth (Hunger Games) and she chats a little about him, as well as her onscreen boyfriend and preparing for their sex scenes. She also talks candidly about growing up in the public eye, and the need to have a safe haven for her and Liam away from prying eyes.

Q: You went to school until you what age?

Until 6th grade and then I moved here to LA.

Q: Do you think you avoided some of life’s dramas by not attending regular school?

No. Anytime there was drama, instead of it being on Facebook it was the cover of AOL, Google or whatever it was. I think people relate and teenagers can relate to me more than they actually think. Just because I wasn’t at school doesn’t mean I didn’t get my heart broken and meet people and figure out what love is and friends betraying you and bullies and mean girls and the girl you’re jealous of, the popular girl. That all still happens no matter what, no matter where you’re experiencing it.

Q: When you watch teenage dramas from the 80s and 90s does this movie remind you of any of them?

I think it reminds me so much of Sixteen Candles. Like, every time I see that, my mom is like, ‘This is what it reminds me of.’ It’s one of those kinds of classic movies. I think that is what makes it so interesting. I don’t really feel like there’s been a film like this besides Mean Girls. But even Mean Girls is a little more drama exaggerated. This is, like, real.

Q: I think it portrays very well what teenagers go through nowadays or any days.

Any day yeah. Now with like the internet makes it so much harder.

Q: It makes it harder but yet again it’s supporting it as well because you have a lot of information at hand where you had to have your sex talk with your mom.

Right exactly.

Q: You have other sources now where you can find your information.

Yeah. My mom is connected with a lot of her friends from high school on Facebook or whatever. I think that use of it is really great and being able to connect with people. It’s like we’re more connected than we ever have been but we’re more disconnected than we ever have been, if that makes any sense. It’s like you’re on the phone or Tweeting instead of being with the person right there but you’re maybe connecting with someone that you wouldn’t have connected with before if you hadn’t got online. It’s like, so weird. You’re not present. That’s the problem I feel. It’s really more about the status updates than anything.

Q: You have so many Twitter and Facebook followers. It’s amazing. I went on your Twitter site and wow, my goodness.

It’s really good to have Twitter for me for work. It’s really nice so I can say, ‘Hey I’m working with this producer, I’m interested in this film.’ Whatever. That is really great to be able to do that but other than that it’s hard because I don’t put up where I am or really what I’m doing at the time, like, am with my family and my dog – otherwise it can kind of become like you lose reality and you lose any bit of privacy.

Q: Yeah that’s very much true. What did your parents not tolerate while you were growing up?

I barely ever heard my mom cuss. My mom is the sweetest lady ever. She spells the word crap. My mom is so sweet. That was her thing that she really hated. Like when you first start hearing cuss words and you start saying them – I remember like one time I think I called my sister a bitch for the first time. I was done. I was locked in my room, my mouth washed out with soap, everything. I was like, “Mom she is. That’s what she is. She’s a bitch.” I was like in so much trouble. I’ll never forget the first time I did that. I got in so much trouble. That was kind of the thing that my mom was like really mad about. My dad, I think he probably wouldn’t say it but he might have thought it was a little funny. Like a little kid hearing it and then saying it. That was like the one thing that my mom – and my mom is really weird with TV. My dad would always let us watch The Simpsons. We would stay up all night and watching Cartoon Network with my dad and she hated it. She just thought everything – even Tom & Jerry was too violent. My mom hated it. My dad would always let us watch any cartoon that we wanted. My mom was really weird with TV. We didn’t really watch a lot of TV. She’s like, ‘I don’t want to see the commercials. I don’t want you guys being sold on everything like so young.’ If you watch Nickelodeon or whatever there is like all the commercials for every kind of game and dolls. She just didn’t really want it.

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Miley Cyrus Arriving @ a Recording Studio

29 05 2012

Miley arriving at a recording studio in Los Angeles (May 26). More pics HERE.

Miley spending some time with her mom, Tish and boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth in Toluca Lake (May 28). More pics HERE.

ALSO, a new Miley German interview:

As “Hannah Montana”, she is probably the biggest teenage star on the planet. Now, at 19, Miley Cyrus is fighting to grow up and bring her music to ‘the next level‘.

“Whew,” says Miley Cyrus and strips the ten-inch stilettos from her feet as she falls on the leather couch of the chic SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. It is shortly after noon, and she’s already half a dozen television interviews behind her. She puts on her long legs and makes herself comfortable on the couch. “Hi,” she says cheerfully, beaming. But we’re immediately interrupted. A little dog comes into the suite, and jumps to her on the sofa.

“Happy!”, exclaims Miley with baby voice, and puts her arm around the dachshun sized mixed breed. He ran up to her a few weeks ago in a parking lot bay, she named him ‘Happy‘ because that’s like her life motto. She has combined five years of her life as ‘Hannah Montana’ in the Disney seires of the same name cheerfulness and rock’n’roll to a million dollar enterprise. But now, a good year after the end of the series, the word ‘happy’ is also a relic in new use, as the striped shorts, which she has owned since sixth grade in combination with a beige silked shirt, emphasize the sexiness of her long legs.

Maybe too much for the fans
Now, the 19 year old tries to position herself in the adult world. With ‘LOL‘, a spirited comedy based on the same name original French with Sophie Marceau, she made a movie with intimate hairstyles and first sex, alcohol and marijuana are the focus of extensive mother-daughter trouble, and it is not surprising that the (two years ago made) film in the United States, only in ‘limited release’ in a handful of big-city cinemas, in which it promptly fell through. The transformation of America’s former favourite girl, who just still apologised to have sat unbelted in the car, to the party girl with a Brazilian and pothead friends, this is possibly too much for the fans.

Cyrus now wears a small gold ring in the right nostril and a ring chain on which “Liam” is engraved, the name of her boyfriend, actor Liam Hemsworth. The so-called Promise Ring, which at Disney’s times not only her, but also her first boyfriend Nick Jonas, and generally, all Disney Stars wore as a Christian Symbol of the chastity up to the married carried has come off. “They just say 15 things you would say later, not so,” says Cyrus. “When I was a little girl, I thought it was great to put on a wig and sing and dance. But at 15, 16, you realise that it’s not so cool anymore. That’s not me anymore.”

From 2006 to 2011, Cyrus, who had moved with her family from a farm in Tennessee to LA to make a television career, played a decal of herself: the schoolgirl Miley Stewart who leads a secret double life as rock star Hannah Montana. She went with the alter ego of her television figure on tour and became the idol of one generation from 7 to 13 year olds, the preadolescent tweens who were outlined as a target group in the wake of the first series success. Only what she was, Cyrus could not be. When she had small breasts, she was wrapped on the set of the series with bandages. “It was crazy,” she says, “they looked at me and said: ‘What’s with these breasts, make them flat!’ I was turning into a woman but I couldn’t because I had to play a little girl on the show!

Today, Cyrus speaks of the fact that she finds sex “wonderful”, and explains why men and women have a different concept of relationships. “When a women kisses a man or has sex with him, a special relationship is created for her. While men are much more non-binding.” She wants a female president because she thinks women are more intelligent. “Because of, men are the providers – how often do guys go shopping? We put food on the table!

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Demi Lovato Arriving @ the X Factor Taping in Austin, TX

28 05 2012

Demi arriving at the X Factor taping in Austin, Texas (May 24). More pics HERE.

Demi attended the X Factor Auditions – Day 1. More pics HERE.

Promotional still from the first episode of the Second Season of The X Factor entitled 1×01 Auditions 1 that will air in September. More pics HERE.

X Factor promo:

Season 2 judge’s arrival:

Judge intros:

Audio of some of Demi’s first day critiques:

ALSO, Britney Spears upstaged by Demi Lovato at first round of X Factor auditions. Read the rest of the article UNDER.

Britney Spears received the loudest, longest applause at the start of her
 first taping as a judge on Fox’s The X Factor on Thursday, but it was fellow 
newcomer Demi Lovato who appeared ready to steal the spotlight during 
the second season of the popular talent search show.

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Demi Lovato Out Jogging

26 05 2012

Demi was seen out in LA workin on her fitness on Saturday. (May 19) More pics HERE.

Demi on the set of her new Self magazine photoshoot in Malibu, CA (May 21). More pics HERE.

Demi leaving her hotel with a book by Annie Jacobsen in New York City (May 23). More pics HERE.

Miley Cyrus Out Shopping w/ Her Mom

25 05 2012

Miley shopping with her mom Tish and her dog Happy in Studio City (May 24). More pics HERE.

Miley out for lunch in Toluca Lake with Tish, before going to a Broadway Musical ‘Chicago‘. More pics HERE.

Miley enjoyed some time with her family last night at the Broadway Musical ‘Chicago‘ with Billy Ray, Tish, Brandi and Noah Cyrus in Los Angeles (May 24). More pics HERE.

ALSO, Miley recently did an interview with for her latest movie LOL. She spoke about about the movie, her new puppy, going through breakups, and a lot more.

Miley Cyrus Amongst Forbes 25 Most Powerful Female Singers Since ’99

25 05 2012

In honor of the Forbes Celebrity 100 annual bloodbath that will continue this Wednesday as the 2012 list is revealed, I decided to backtrack to 1999 when the list first began. This list is ranked on the total amounts made since the Forbes list began in 1999 all the way to 2011, each female is ranked based only on the years she was on the list added into one total figure. The Celebrity 100, which includes film and television actors, TV personalities, models, athletes, authors, musicians and comedians, is a measure of entertainment-related earnings and media visibility (exposure in print, television, radio and online).

To compile our earnings numbers, we talk to industry insiders including agents, lawyers, producers and other experts to come up with an estimate for what each celebrity earned between May 1, 2010, and May 1, 2011. Earnings consist of pretax gross income. Management, agent and attorney fees are not deducted. Online exposure is measured using Google ( GOOG – news – people ). Press mentions come from Factiva, and we use Lexis/Nexis to find out how many times each star was mentioned on television or on the radio. We comb through dozens of magazines from the past 12 months to count how many times each star appeared on covers. Twitter followers and Facebook fans are measured using Twitter and Facebook searches.

10. Katy Perry – $89 million
9. Miley Cyrus – $98 million
8. Cher – $101.1 million
7. Taylor Swift – $165 million
6. Jennifer Lopez – $191.4 million
5. Lady Gaga – $204 million
4. Britney Spears – $234.7 million
3. Celine Dion – $279.5 million
2. Beyoncé – $352 million
1. Madonna – $373 million

Check out the full list HERE.