Miley Cyrus Interview For Germany

9 05 2012


Interviewer: She obviously doesn’t want to be a cute teenager anymore as you can see by her new nose piercing. Miley is here to promote her new movie LOL which means Laughing Out Loud but in the interview Miley never laughs. She looked really self-controlled and professional. There has to be a lot of pressure on Miley as a teen – idol.

Miley: The money you gain is a type of compensation for all the hate on the internet and for the paparazzi. You can buy yourself a big house but you’re not able to leave it because as soon as you are out on the streets, its like you’re under fire.

Interviewer: You can see how hard Miley has struggled with this in the last couple of months. Some people say The Ex-Hannah Montana Star is about to turn into a bitch. Sometimes she doesn’t wear any underwear, sometimes she swears at the paparazzi.

Miley (to paparazzi): Fuck off you dirty fucking pigs!

Interviewer: Last month pictures shocked us when we saw bruises on Miley’s arms, this proves that Miley has self-harmed. Also Miley looks like she is anorexic. The 19-year old girl says that all these rumors hurt her.

Miley: If I loose weight, I’m anorexic. If I gain weight, I’m fat. People often forget how hard it is when everybody judges you. There are a lot of people who can’t get along with this and break down because of that.

Interviewer: Demi Moore who plays Miley’s mother in the movie, that comes out May 31st, was about to break down because of that. She of all the people, who just went into a rehab center, is Miley’s role model.

Miley: She’s unbelievable great and she’s my mentor. She has been doing this job for years now and nothing’s gonna knock her down.

Interviewer: Miley wants to work less so she can concentrate on herself. Hopefully she does this and hopefully she doesn’t follows her role model’s Demi example.




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