Miley Cyrus Out For Sushi in Studio City

24 05 2012

Miley went out for sushi in Studio City with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth (May 22). More pics HERE.

Leaving and arriving at a friend’s house with a smile on her face, Miley was spotted in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday (May 23). More pics HERE.

Miley visiting Manny Pacquiao’s tattoo shop in Hollywood with brother Trace, leaving a few hours later with a bandage over her arm (May 23). More pics HERE.

ALSO, Miley’s interview with BILD:

She is Disney’s ‘Hannah Montana‘, has sold over 12 million records, owns almost 100 million Euro’s and she’s only 19 years old! Now Miley Cyrus is about to hit the cinemas with her new film ‘LOL- Laughing Out Loud’. She brought ‘Happy‘ along to the interview with BILD, a young rescue puppy, who is a Rottweiler-Beagle mix.

BILD: Is this the new man in your life?

Miley: (laughs) Isn’t he cute? We only just rescued him. He’s everywhere I go, not even Liam is allowed to touch him.

BILD: You have been in a relationship with Liam Hemsworth for 3 years now. What is the most romantic thing he has ever done?

Miley: I love to write letters. And Liam keeps them all. That’s so cute. Usually us girls do that, you know, ‘We ate this chocolate together, so I kept the wrapper.’

BILD: Do you remember your first date?

Miley: That was weird, because we were doing a movie together. Our first date was the kissing scene. I said straight away: ‘Great, I’ll be back tomorrow, and the day after.’ Hopefully there will be a second movie.

BILD: You and Liam broke up for a bit…

Miley: Liam and I were separated for a month. We were both working so hard and we thought a relationship just wouldn’t work out. But we realized that you have to work on your relationship if you really want to be together.

BILD: Are you thinking about taking the next step?

Miley: We love each other a lot, but we also work a lot. For now, we just want as much privacy as we can have. We have four dogs and we’re incredibly happy. We live together in Los Angeles. We are not thinking about children, yet.

BILD: Do you remember your first love?

Miley: Yeah, I was let down. That’s the worst feeling in the world. You feel like you have to puke.

BILD: Have you ever been used by a boy?

Miley: Yes, when I was in 7th grade, there was a boy who I had a huge crush on. He didn’t even talk to me. But when I got my TV show, we went out. Then he let me down, just so he could say, he broke up with Miley Cyrus.

BILD: Have you ever felt like getting your exes back?

Miley: My dad always says: ‘Success is the best revenge.’ And I agree. I tell myself, write a song about it! It’ll end up being a hit. Ha! Fuck you!

BILD: You were home-schooled from 8th grade onwards…

Miley: Sometimes I ask myself, what it might have been like to spend my teenage years in a proper school. But I’m such a creative person, I would find it too hard to sit in a classroom for 8 hours.

BILD: What do you have to say to young girls who want to live the same dream as you?

Miley: It’s hard to grow up, with everybody watching you. You have to be really strong. Honestly, I don’t even want to see my little sister in the show biz. My children won’t be actors, that’s for sure.

Translated by Clara (@onyourownx) for




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