Miley Cyrus Bravo Magazine Interview

31 05 2012

Location: The stylish Luxury-Hotel SLS in Beverly Hills (310 Euro/night). In a suite on the fifth floor Miley is sitting on a couch, barefoot. Me, the Reporter of BRAVO, am here for an exclusive Interview. And she didn’t hold back!

BRAVO: Miley, a lot of people are worried about you because you lost a lot of weight recently…

Miley: I love that my fans think about me. But I’m healthier than ever! I’m neither anorexic nor do I have psychological problems or cut myself. Really, I’m as fit as a fiddle and in a great mood!

BRAVO: Do these rumors bother you?

Miley: No. I learned that it is irrelevant what I do – somebody will take offense anyway. If I loose a few pounds because I changed my diet, I’m anorexic. When I used to have a few pounds more, I was called fat. If I have sex, I’m a slut. If I don’t have sex, I’m a loser. What’s up with that? Therefore I live my life how I want – and I am happy with it. If this bother somebody he has to cope with that himself.

BRAVO: Still you sound a bit upset…

Miley: No, I am really not. I learned a lot about that from my boyfriend Liam. He is really calm – he doesn’t get upset easily. I admire that and try to live according to that.

BRAVO: So what does Liam say about your new body?

Miley: Liam is happy because I feel better now than before. He supported me to change my diet. My doctor diagnosed that I have a Gluten intolerance. It is a protein that some people can’t digest.

BRAVO: So what’s on your diet now?

Miley: Primarily fish, chicken, salad and fruits – and some red meat from time to time. But not fried, only cooked or grilled. And I don’t eat white bread, only gluten-free wholewheat bread.

BRAVO: There’s not only trouble in real life, though. In your new movie “LOL” you play the 16 year old Lola, who has a lot of problems herself.

Miley: Yes! Lola is a typical teenager. I think a lot of girls can identify with her. And the boys who will see the movie can learn a lot from her about girls (laughs).

BRAVO: Lola has her first sex in the movie and is afraid to talk about it with her mother. Did you tell your mother everything you did with your friend in the bedroom?

Miley: I probably told my mom more than what she wanted to know (laughs). I’m really lucky, me and my mother, we were always close. I never had to keep secrets from her.

BRAVO: Your mother is also the producer of the movie and your boss. Does this work on set?

Miley: Sometimes it’s a pain (laughs). I can’t stand when she tells me: ‘Do the scene again like this and this.’ Then I tell her: ‘Mom, you’re not an actor, leave it to me and the director.’ But it’s ok that she is there on set – we trust each other hundred percent. That is a nice feeling, because trust is really important in our business – and not something that can be taken for granted.

ALSO, Trace Cyrus on working with Miley:





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