Miley Cyrus Working on New Music w/ Pharrell Williams & Mac Miller

16 06 2012

Last month, Miley visited Miami for a couple of days, working on new music. During her visit, she worked with producer and artist Pharrell Williams, who has worked and produced with huge stars like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce. Cris Cab tweeted that Miley had been working with Pharrell on some tracks and that he recorded guitar for some of them, and we also got a photo of them together! A lot of fans were excited about Miley working with Pharrell – he produced huge songs like Britney’s I’m a Slave For U, Why Should I Be Sad, and he also collaberated with Madonna, Maroon 5, Shakira, Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez!

Just a day after Miley arrived back into Los Angeles from her trip to Miami, Mac Miller – who has worked with Justin Bieber and Pharrell – tweeted to Miley that he met her manager. This caused a lot of talk especially on Twitter, with fans wondering if they were going to be working together on a song or possibly a duet!

Back in Miami again, Miley’s friend Cheyne Thomas tweeted yesterday that he was spending the day in the studio again with Miley, Pharrell and Mac Miller. Shortly after, Miley followed Mac and Pharrell on Twitter, adding to fans excitement.

Finally, the news was confirmed. Mac tweeted that he did a song with Miley and it’s awesome! What do you guys think about the news? We’re excited to hear their track! Pharrell has also wrote and produced huge tracks, so it’s so cool that he’s working with Miley on new music.

Earlier this month, Mac and Pharrell released a song together. If you’ve never heard Mac’s music, listen to it above and leave your comments about Miley, Mac and Pharrell working together!





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