At Home w/ Miley Cyrus

7 08 2012

A celeb’s home is her (paparazzi-free) sanctuary. So MC Contributing Editor Laurie Sandell was tickled when Miley Cyrus invited her over for their interview. Here, a few moments from their crazy two-hour chat!

Dream Team
“Pharrell saw me dancing to Madonna songs on YouTube when I was young and [at the same time] said, ‘I see something in her.’ This year, we made a record together, and it was magic.”

“Band-Aid-type situation”
Cyrus recently sustained a cut on the pointer finger of her left hand from a cooking mishap. “Blood was everywhere. I hid my hand behind my back, and Liam said, ‘What’s wrong?’ I said, ‘Just give me a Band-Aid.’ And he was like, ‘Dude, this is not a Band-Aid-type situation.’ He almost fainted when he saw it.”

Dog Lady
“Lila is a little shaggy and homeless-looking. She is such a lap dog. I love all five of my dogs; they’re so cute, and they’re all so different.”

“I jump on top of this all the time! Liam gets so mad at me. He’ll come home and I’ll be sitting on its shoulder. I love it, though. It’s so cool.”

An Expanding Collection
“I collect those crosses when I travel. Some came from Nashville, others came from places around the world.”





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