Miley Cyrus Tours Betsy Ross’ House, Shops South Street

22 08 2012

Miley Cyrus lined up like any other historically-minded tourist at the Betsy Ross House Tuesday afternoon and bought three tickets for her and friends.

Cyrus and her male friends listened for a few minutes as Betsy Ross (Carol Spacht) talked about her work, then continued their self-guided tour of the house.

The singer/actress has been staying on Washington Square with fiance Liam Hemsworth, busy Tuesday filming “Paranoia” with Harrison Ford outside and inside the Beasley law firm’s offices at 12th & Walnut.

On Monday, Cyrus shopped on South Street and picked up a $14 black and white striped cardigan at Greene Street (7th & South).

Cyrus and Hemsworth should be gone next Monday as the film takes hiatus until December as Hemsworth shoots “Catching Fire” the “Hunger Games” sequel.

ALSO, Miley walks into Living Room of Philly Pastry Chef:

Pastry chef Carolyn Santamauro was tending to her young children when she noticed a familiar face in the alley in front of her house: Miley Cyrus. Cyrus was doing some sightseeing on Elfreth’s Alley (where Santamauro resides with her family) and she invited her in for some lemon sandwich cookies she had just pulled out of the oven.

“Our homes are sometimes part of Philly tours, since it’s the oldest residential street in the U.S., so we’re used to it,” Santamauro told Eater. “But, it’s never Miley Cyrus. Those people don’t usually walk into your house.”

Santamauro, who spent time in the catering world, was working on launching her own pastry project in Philly before she got pregnant. She plans on getting back to it when the kids are a little older. Since Cyrus was such a big fan of her baked goods, she might want to give her a ring when the time comes for securing investor cash.

AND, Miley made a visit to the Philly AIDS Thrift. They uploaded some photos of Miley during her visit to their Facebook page.

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