Demi Lovato: Portrait Magazine’s Most Beautiful Inside & Out

5 09 2012

New outtake from the 2012 photoshoot Demi did with M Hom for the July 2012 Issue of Cosmopolitan:

In June we asked you to nominate the celebs you feel are the most beautiful, inside and out. We asked you to consider more than just outward appearance when casting your nominations; career choices, role model status, charity involvement, and more were supposed to come into your decision. The fifty celebs we received the most nominations for competed in a poll that ran through July and August. Voting has now closed , and after more than 1.2 million votes (and in case you’re wondering, half of those votes were for our top two spots alone), your top twenty are below. Take a look at some of the reasons you picked them. If you would like to see how some of your favorites ranked in 2010, you can check out the previous edition of the poll here, but most of this year’s stars are making their debut on Portrait’s Beauty List.

#17 Demi Lovato
I have come to realize making yourself happy is most important. Never be ashamed of how you feel. You have the right to feel any emotion you want, and do what makes you happy. That’s my life motto.

When Demi Lovato first hit the Disney scene on their short series As The Bell Rings, she was clearly going to be a star. It wasn’t long before Camp Rock, Sonny With A Chance, Princess Protection Program, and a couple of studio albums, and a couple of tours, followed. She jumped at the chance to do every project offered to her, a performer who wouldn’t say no because no one was going to work as hard as her. But all of that caught up with her, and her world crumbled. But she put it back together. And that’s one of the big reasons she has so many loyal fans.

Though there’s no arguing that Demi is a hardworking young woman, her time at Disney, which was her big break, wasn’t a happy one for her. She would work all day, go without eating because she wanted to stay as thin as all the other young stars she was surrounded with, and then she would be so unhappy with herself that she would party all night with the hopes of cheering herself up. When everything came to a head on the Camp Rock 2 tour, she finally agreed to her family’s request to go to a rehab facility to deal with her emotional issues. There, Demi received treatment for an eating disorder and body image issues, as well as bipolar disorder, a condition she never knew she had. And rather than sweep everything under the rug, Demi has been outspoken about her problems, discussing them with several news outlets, and even filming a special for MTV. Letting that big of an audience into your life can’t be an easy thing to do.

Now, Demi’s got a new gig, and it isn’t for Disney. She’s a judge on the new season of the American version of the series X Factor, a talent competition. And she’s clearly become much more comfortable in her new environment, getting to judge alongside Britney Spears, Simon Cowell, and LA Reid. She’s been writing and recording music for the last several months, but she isn’t in any hurry to do any acting right now. She’s also been a spokesperson for the movement started by Brittany Snow, “Love Is Louder,” and she’s blogged about her struggles for Seventeen Magazine’s website. And she sounds like a very busy girl. The difference now is that Demi’s been allowing herself to take breaks, to say no to projects, and focusing on the things she really wants to do, keeping herself happy and healthy, and helping her fans along the way.

Why You Chose Her
Her strength and courage to speak out about her issues, and inspire/help others who are suffering in silence to not feel alone or afraid to seek help. She is also a great, talented singer and gorgeous girl. – Tanya

ALSO, new X Factor promo:





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