New Miley Cyrus Photoshoot Pics

6 09 2012

New promo photos of Miley Cyrus have been released! The photos were released on her today, September 6, and really show off Miley’s new hairdo!

Miley, who will be attending the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards tonight, will apparently have a surprise for her fans online later on today. We will update you with the surprise when it is released!

ALSO, in a recent interview, Pharrell Williams spoke extensively about working with Miley.

 “I’m Morpheus, and she’s Neo,” he says of the former Hannah Montana star. “I can’t tell her what to do, I can only let her find it within herself.” That wasn’t too hard, since Cyrus is “an old soul” who went into the studio knowing exactly what she wanted. He keeps gushing: “Her voice is unreal. She’s got that amazing low tone. It sings like it’s from ’79. I don’t usually compliment my own stuff, but it’s unlike anything she’s ever done before. And I have a lot of respect for her—don’t care what anyone says. ‘Party in the U.S.A.’ was a big record. She challenged the pop world with that song.” Despite all of this, Williams (who was in talks to join Mariah Carey as one of the new judges on American Idol when this issue went to print) tells me that he is as dedicated to “girl-watching” as he is to being in “creative mode.” He sees his occupation as full-time voyeur—observing, listening, learning—and part-time “perv.”

Can’t wait to hear the music they made! Check out the full interview HERE.

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