Miley Cyrus @ Two & Half Men Taping

10 09 2012

Miley fan meeting at the taping of Two and Half Men:

Miley and me! Couldnt even think about the VMA’s this week with Miley being on set all week. Been looking forward to this week since I heard she was going to be on the show this year! This episode is going to be absolutely hilarious! When she first saw me she ran up and said “Sarah!” and gave me a big hug, I just love this girl

Miley and me on set 🙂 She looked sooo gorgeous! Im sure hoping the rumors are true that she’s going to be coming back on the show a little later in the season so we could hang out some more! She’s the best 🙂

ALSO, Bella Thorne covers the fall 2012 issue of Glitter magazine where she talks about her charity work, Disney helping her career, becoming more interested in singing, loving Miley Cyrus, and much more.

Here’s what she said about Miley:

At the mention of her following on Twitter, Bella tells me about her latest unexpected encounter on the popular social networking site. “Miley Cyrus tweeted me last night!” she exclaims, jumping in her seat. “I still freak out over things like this, just like everyone else.” Though numerous fans and media icons have labeled Bella as ‘the next Miley Cyrus,’ she seems very calm about being compared to one of her role models, and she has her family and friends to keep her grounded.

“I’m kind of weird, actually,” Bella says, grinning. “When you really know me, you’ll know that I like to make weird noises in people’s ears while walking down the street.” Even with the spotlight chasing her, Bella is proud of who she is— even if she’s a little left of center. “I’m that crazy girl with bursts of high energy. Miley is the only other star I know of who is like that too. She’s really funky and playful, and I think that may be why people compare me to her. We have a similar weirdness,” she says.

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