‘Two & A Half Men’ Executive Producer Talks Miley Cyrus

16 09 2012

Last month, it was announced that Miley would be guest starring on the tenth season of Two and a Half Men. She has already filmed her parts, which will be airing soon! The executive producer of the show, Jim Patterson, recently spoke about Miley in an interview with TV Line.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that Miley Cyrus is showing up this season. She tends to pull a certain demo.
Exactly. We were so excited to get Miley. If it works out, it’s going to be great. She’s on for two episodes right now and if things turn out well and she has fun, we’d love to have her back… We think it’s going to be a great dynamic. She’ll play a romantic interest for Jake [played by Angus T. Jones] and he’s never really had that. This is going to be his first real relationship kind of thing. He’s no longer the half man on the show. He’s… in the Army, gonna have a girlfriend, experience love and heartbreak and all that kind of stuff.

Jake will be home when he meets her. Is he home for good? On leave?
He’s home on leave when he meets her. We didn’t want to cheat the audience and the show and go, “He joined the Army at the end of last year, and now he’s out immediately.” That’s the typical sitcom thing to do. In the first few episodes, he’ll be seen via Skype, he’ll still be part of the show. And then he’ll come home on weekend passes and holidays and things of that nature. We’re keeping it real. We won’t just have him drop out of the Army — although there’s always a chance that he may wash out at some point in the future. But for right now, he’ll be still in the Army and he’ll meet Miley when he comes home on a weekend pass.

Will she sing during her episodes?
No, no plans for it right now. We didn’t want to do like, “Oh! It’s Hannah Montana!” We’re excited – and I think Miley’s excited, too – because it’s a completely different character for her… It’s an adult role for her, and it’s her first TV show since Hannah Montana. And as you said, she’s got a huge following. So we’re really excited at the possibilities of storylines that will happen with her.

Did the show approach her, or did she come to you?
We approached her. Ashton and she are friendly, and actually Angus appeared on her show two years ago, I think it was. I think Jon Cryer actually appeared on her show, as well. And her character on Hannah Montana was obsessed with Ashton… She kind of knew everyone a little bit.

Read the full article HERE.




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