Miley Cyrus Outside the Roosevelt Hotel For a Video Shoot

20 09 2012

Taking a break from shooting a new music video, Miley was pictured outside the Roosevelt Hotel last night (September 20). Miley has started working on the Decisions video with Israeli artist Borgore. They started work on the video on Wednesday, and it’s ‘promised to be filled with surprises.’ More pics HERE.

Borgore on his dubstep track with Miley:

It took a little while for teen-Disney-star-turned-pop-monolith Miley Cyrus to move to the dark side (sonically, anyway), this summer it finally happened, thanks to dubstep. On August 20, Cyrus tweeted, “Yo, check out me & Borgore’s new track.” Though the song has been out for three months, this bitch tells us how much she loves cake, in “Decisions.”

Is this just another pop gimmick like Justin Bieber’s less-than-dub-tastic approach to EDM with “As Long As You Love Me”? From the looks of things, probably not. Not only keeping the artist formally known as Hannah Montana a secret from the press, but also having her sing on a dubstep track is impressive. Though Israel’s Borgore (born Asaf Borger) is not the most serious of recording artists, with remixes of Riskay’s infamous “Smell Yo Dick”, original mixes like trap-step anthem, “Flex” and triple x-rated, “Nympho”, this lad is quickly gaining respect in the wobble-zone of dubstep’s finest. Recently we sat down with him to discuss the song that opposed to most EDM acts these days including David Guetta and Calvin Harris, who have featured pop acts like, Rhianna, Ne-yo and Usher, Borgore chose to hide the fact that Cyrus was on the track. Doing this humble karma deed, did not saturate his name or, “Decisions,” as just another American EDM marketing plot.

In a cut filled with wubs, screeches, claps and Borgore’s lackadaisical approach to rap, Miley took a back seat roll so to speak. Instead, she harmonizes with Borgore in an infectious hook singing, “Decisions, but I want it all. So I get it all. I wanna eat the whole cake. I’m not sharing, I’m not sharing. You should have learned how to bake.”

Using his trapified nympho flow. ‘gore said, “I’m not going to sing about what I don’t do, I’m not selling drugs, so I’m not going to sing about selling drugs. I’m not a gangster, so I’m not going to sing like I’m a fucking gangster. I’m fucking all these chicks, that’s what I’m going to sing about.” Borgore says getting Cyrus on the track was just a matter of reaching out to her once through his manager.

Though he declined to comment about Miley’s wild side, does this mean the man who claims he “ruined dubstep,” also put a damper on Cyrus’ career? — I think not. Does anyone remember the annoying “Party in the USA”? If pictures haven’t proved enough, this former tween idol, is now all grown up, in all of dubstep’s glory now. This Israeli bass head liked working with her so much, they began working on the music video on Wednesday, and is promised to be filled with surprises. We’re assuming their will be some big-ass cakes involved, stripper poles and, of course, bitches.

Borgore will be hitting the road not serving up ice cream, cake or even stripper poles.While dropping bass, ‘gore said he hopes to play on the smallest stages, while having his fans as close as possible on his Bakery Tour. He will be making a stop at Ten Nightclub, in Newport Beach on September 23.

ALSO, Miley and her fiancé Liam Hemsworth were pictured out and about in Los Angeles, driving in their new car (September 20). Together they bought a $200,000 McLaren MP4-12C which is also known as a super sports car because of its Formula 1 technology. More pics HERE.





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