Jon Cryer Says Miley Cyrus “Brought It” on Two and a Half Men

24 09 2012

Miley at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California (September 21). More pics HERE.

Jon Cryer – Two and a Half Men star – won an Emmy for lead actor. At the event, he spoke about Miley guest appearing on the show.

“She plays kind of a motormouth character, so they gave her page-long monologues. All week she was on book with them, which is understandable. But even when we got within two hours of the show, she was still on book, and we were thinking, uh oh, Miley better bring it. Miley brought it. Miley was fantastic, on fire. Then I remembered, oh yes, she was hatched in the Disney labs in Burbank, and grown for just this sitcom situation. I know her haircut is controversial but I lay on the side of: I love it, I think she looks fantastic.”

He also said that she is coming back to Two and a Half men to do another episode! Check out the full article HERE.

ALSO, Angus T Jones talks about Miley on “Two & A Half Men”




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