Jonas Brothers Confirms ‘Wedding Bells’ Is About Miley Cyrus

31 10 2012

The Jonas Brothers braved Hurricane Sandy to visit Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM radio show on Monday morning, where they talked about their exes and announced their upcoming concert dates.

The band pretty much confirmed what everyone, including Nick’s ex Miley Cyrus, had been thinking. Yes, the band’s latest single “Wedding Bells” is about the former “Hannah Montana” star.

“I don’t know who else is getting married so I feel like that’s pretty blatant,” she told Seacrest on Oct. 18. “You can’t ever hate on someone for writing something you’ve been through.”

The band must be glad to hear that Cyrus is cool with the song being about her, and thinks she has the right attitude about being the inspiration for the tune:

“I think she put it well. She’s absolutely right … It’s just about being open and honest about the fact that your life is what you have to write about sometimes and pull from that life inspiration.” Kevin explained, adding that there’s no hard feeling between anyone over their songs.

Read the full article listen to their interview HERE.

ALSO, After hitting the studio hard with Jay-Z and Frank Ocean earlier this month, production whiz Pharrell has taken the collaborative spirit a step further. After all, we have photographic evidence that the hit-maker was chilling behind the boards with a former Disney star and an Odd Future cretin.

Yes, that’s right — as proven by the above photo, Skateboard P was cooking up some music with former Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus and foul-mouthed reaction-grabber Tyler, the Creator.

Pharrell posted the photo on his Twitter, simply writing “In the lab.” While it’s unclear exactly what they’re working on as of yet, colour us intrigued. Maybe Miley Cyrus’s new Robyn hair will translate into the way she sings, too.

Then again, even if she sounds the same, we’d love to hear Tyler and Pharrell on a track like “Party in the U.S.A.”

AND, Kelly Osbourne talks about So Undercover:

Check out some new stills from So Undercover HERE.





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