‘So Undercover’ Coming Out Early February for the USA!

9 11 2012

Exclusive Media confirmed to MileyOnline.com, that Miley’s film So Undercover with Kelly Osbourne will have a domestic release early February!

After waiting for so long, we can finally see Miley’s film “So Undercover”. Yesterday, November 8th, Miley did some press for the movie.

ALSO, Miley chats about ‘So Undercover’ with ET:

CNN interview:

MSN Movies is chatting to Miley Cyrus about her new movie, So Undercover, and YOU can ask her a question!

Miley Cyrus fans have we got a treat for you!

Miley’s new movie, So Undercover, is due for release on the 7th December. Ahead of its release we’ll be exclusively chatting to Miley – via Skype!

And even better, we’ll be asking her YOUR questions.

Tweet us on @msnents to ask your question, or post in the comments below.

You can also head over to our Facebook page and like, and post your question there!




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