Simon Cowell Talks Bickering w/ Demi Lovato

20 11 2012

X Factor judge Simon Cowell’s trademark charm is due in part to his closet of starched white button downs — but mostly owed to the strong-willed women surrounding him at the judges’ table. In a group interview with reporters after The X Factor live results show on November 15, 2012, Simon discussed the two leading ladies in his life: fellow judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato, having just clashed with both of them onstage. On Wednesday, Britney told Simon off for calling Beatrice Miller boring, and on Thursday, Simon awkwardly pressured Demi into choosing who to send home.

Your back and forth with Mario [on November 15]. Why did you want Demi to go first?
Because I knew that I was going to keep Paige which meant she wouldn’t have to make a decision. And I thought, bearing in mind they’re both your artists, I wanted to see which one you’re going to destroy their career.

But if you’d let it go to deadlock, America would have made the choice.
No, no. I had to go with who I thought was right and Paige was better. But it was fun to see her squirming during that moment. Because she thought she was going to get out of it and I thought, “You’re not.”

You’re not the first judge tonight who wanted to knock her down a peg. What is it about knocking Demi?
Listen, you give as good as you get with her. And trust me, I’m getting it in my ear from her the whole time.

ALSO, Demi talks Mean Stinks!

The Mash recently had the opportunity to talk with Dem about being the ambassador for the “Mean Stinks” anti-bullying campaign and more. Here’s the full transcript of what she had to say.

How has your experience being bullied influenced you as an artist?
Demi Lovato: It’s influenced me as an artist because I had to grow up really quickly, therefore I feel like my music has matured as well as I did. I feel like it gave me a lot of strength. I feel like I had to learn how to turn negative things and the negative experiences into lyrics and into songs. So, I think even though it was something that I went through that was horrible I still learned a lot from it and in a way I’m glad that it happened to me.

Do you think those experiences will continue to influence your music?
Demi Lovato: Yes, I think so, definitely. I think that bullying is such a serious topic, and it’s everywhere, and there are so many people that are being affected by it. I just want to have music that, people who are being bullied and people that are in my fan base, that they can turn to, whether it’s to have a really great time and forget about their personal lives, or if it’s to write songs that people can relate to.

What or who got you through that stage in your life, when you were being bullied?
Demi Lovato: I had a lot of people that were supportive in my family, and I had very few friends, but namely it was my mom; my mom was really there for me.

If you saw those kids who used to bully you today what would you say to them?
Demi Lovato: I don’t think I’d say anything, I think I’d see them and just walk past them, I wouldn’t have anything to say to them. At the same time I wouldn’t engage in any drama, or anything like that. It’s just gotten to a point where it’s in my past and it is what it is. I don’t ever think about them, so they don’t have a significant meaning in my life … If they tried to say “hi,” I’d be cordial.

What does being the ambassador for “Mean Stinks” mean to you?
Demi Lovato: “Mean Stinks” means a lot to me. It’s an incredible campaign that is providing teenage girls the outlet that I needed when I was being bullied. I didn’t know where to turn. I didn’t know what to do, and (if) you go to, they have a website that gives you help hotlines and stories from other girls that have been bullied so you don’t feel alone, and it gives you tips for how to get through it and how to handle that situation.

And we did the “pinky pledge,” which is us pinky-promising with our friends that we’re not going to bully people. And I think that’s really incredible—it’s not just about not bullying people; everyone knows that bullying is wrong, but what people don’t realize is that even just gossiping with your friends, spreading rumors, even if you’re not doing it intentionally that can lead to bullying. That can lead to a lot of drama, and it’s going to affect someone. So, we’re just trying to teach young girls that they can keep the school year drama free, and hopefully people will see how that reduces a lot of things going on in school.

So do you feel any pressure being a role model to so many girls?
Demi Lovato: I don’t feel any pressure. I am who I am, and what’s really awesome is that I used to feel pressure because I had so many things kept inside of me and now I’ve laid it out on the table. Everyone knows everything that I’ve been through, there’s nothing that I have to hide. It’s a pretty incredible feeling, so I don’t feel any pressure, I am just thankful that people accept me for who I am today.

How do you handle the critics or the mean things that people do still say?
Demi Lovato: If you fight back, you’re wasting your energy. The only thing you can really do is to just let it go and not pay attention to it. There’s ways to avoid hearing what they have to say. When it comes to the opinions of strangers who don’t know you, that’s one thing, if it’s coming from someone that I’m close with that is giving me (criticism) in a positive way, then I’ll listen, but the people who are just mean, I don’t pay attention to.

You have the words “stay strong” tattooed on your wrist, is that your favorite phrase to live by? If not, what is?
Demi Lovato: That’s pretty much my favorite phrase to live by. I live by another one—”Let Go and Let God.” I feel like any time something is out of my control or I feel like is overwhelming for me, I just say, “you know what God, take it out of my hands, this is for you. I can’t do this,” and just surrender and it’s pretty awesome, but “stay strong” helps me get through a lot.

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