Demi Lovato: ‘I’m So Blessed’

22 11 2012

Demi Lovato definitely has a strong fan base. The fans actually are nominated for a People’s Choice Award for being the best with the fans needing to vote for themselves. Nomination aside, the fans have been instrumental in helping Demi Lovato’s career and having an impact on her projects like X Factor. On Tuesday the entertainer acknowledged the support she gets from the fans and thanked them.

“I love you guys so much. I’m so blessed and honored to have incredible fans like you all,” tweeted Demi Lovato from her official Twitter account. The entertainer went on to share just how much the fans have helped her. “Was thinking earlier about some of my past struggles and how I got through them. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be alive today had I not had the support that you all gave me the past 2 years.”

The entertainer has always kept her fans in the spotlight and even when there are rumors swirling about the star, she always addressed them with the fans so they knew the truth. Giving unconditional support, Demi Lovato has built a strong bond between the millions of fans who love her work that can’t be broken by gossip. Of course Demi Lovato is having a tough time with her contestants on X Factor, but as always, the fans expect her to come out on top. With several contestants remaining, it’s definitely possible.

X Factor: 2×16 Live Show 4 (Stills) HERE.

The X Factor: 2×19 (Episode Stills) HERE.

Demi & Cher Lloyd backstage at The X Factor:

Demi with fans:





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