Miley Cyrus Meets a Very Special Make-A-Wish Fan

18 12 2012

Miley Cyrus met a very special fan, Miley Hodge over the weekend. The visit was through Make-A-Wish, an organization very near and dear to Miley Cyrus’ heart.

Miley Hodge is a young fan battling bone cancer, she was named after Miley Cyrus. Her wish was to meet Miley Cyrus and last week she and her family headed to Los Angeles to do just that.

Miley Cyrus is Make-A-Wish’s number one requested female celebrity wish granter! This is so awesome that Miley was able to finally meet Miley!

ALSO, returning to Philadelphia, Miley visits fiance Liam Hemsworth on set of his upcoming movie Paranoia (December 17). The couple stopped to take photos with a couple of fans on the set. More pics HERE & HERE.

UPDATE: Miley walking Floyd in Philadelphia after grabbing a drink from Starbucks (December 18). More pics HERE.





3 responses

7 01 2013

Yay Miley! I’m from Louisville Ky and have been following the inspirational story of Miley Hodge for several months now. She is such a brave little angel and I know it meant THE WORLD to her to get the chance to meet u. Thank you so much for having such a big heart and being so selfless. There should be more people in this world just. Like. You.

12 01 2013
Andrea Woodrome

Hey Miley!! I am Miley Hodge’s Aunt, Andrea Woodrome. I feel as if I already know you because I raised all 3 of my daughters with you on the T.V. at all time. Kenzie and Miley have also been huge fans. We would all get together and have movie night and your movie was ALWAYS top pick!! Miley favorite song from your movie is “Butterfly” and now that her Dad is raising her as a single father that song really hits home for us. The rest of the girl and I also LOVE “The Climb”, this song means ALOT to me personally because of the things I’ve been through, but now more than ever that song hits home with what our Miley is dealing with. It’s as if yo wrote and sing that song FOR HER!! I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for meeting my babygirl nieces!! You have just made their dreams come true AND also mine because I only want the BEST for these girls!! They have been through SO much already and now to have to deal with this NASTY CANCER!! that really sucks for them. So again THANK YOU so very much for taking time out of your life to give our sweet angels a better life!!! Thanks, Andrea Woodrome

23 05 2013
Lindsey Woodrome

hey miley I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and god bless you for visiting miley hodge and i am mileys sister/cuzin ive raised miley,kenzie,sara, and kara not by myself of coruse but ive been with them for a while i babysitted them EVERYDAY and when i saw these pictures and saw that there daddy took his time to come see you it touched me and i felt like they were my girls so my kids were growing up and comming to see you well i hope one day i can come meet you and do all that fun stuff well my name id LINDSEY WOODROME and ANDREA WOODROME at the top up there is my mom im LINDSEY GAIL WOODROME AND I AM 14 YEARS OLD graduating 8th grade this year yay hopefully we can be freinds on facebook and talk if you want look me up LINDSEY GAIL WOODROME 🙂 ily ❤

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