Pharrell On Miley Cyrus’ New Album: ‘It’s Nowhere Near What You Think’

22 12 2012

We have a lot of favorite artists, but we feel like we’ve been following industry Renaissance man Pharrell Williams’ career FOREVER. He’s the only guy we can think of who not only spends his days producing hits for everyone from Britney Spears to The Hives, but he releases his own music, collaborates with an enormous mix of musicians like Madonna and Adam Lambert, AND somehow has the time to design his Billionaire Boys Club line. (Oh, AND he can now add “author” to his résumé, ’cause dude’s just released a new coffee table book, “Pharrell: The Places And Spaces I’ve Been.”)

Speaking of producing, do you remember when THIS happened? Like, when Pharrell was snapped in the studio with Miley Cyrus? Well, we got Pharrell to tell us all about what working in the studio with Ms. “Rebel Yell” was like. Also, we can only imagine how many of Miley’s dogs might’ve been there. While Pharrell didn’t exactly expand on the recording/dog ratio, he DID tell us what we can expect from Miley’s powerful new album (plus a few other artists he’s excited to hear in 2013, like Adele, Frank Ocean, and Jay-Z) and how her voice and new sound is nothing like what you’d expect.

+ Watch Pharrell talk about working in the studio with Miley Cyrus.

ALSO, what’s Miley’s favorite movie of 2012?





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