Will Demi Lovato Return to ‘The X Factor’ Season 3?

24 12 2012

With L.A. Reid definitely leaving and Britney Spears rumored to be considering an exit, all eyes are now on ‘X Factor‘ judge Demi Lovato. Is she coming back for the show’s third season? It turns out, Lovato knows about as much as we all do.

“I have no idea what’s gonna happen next season,” she told MTV News. “And I don’t think anybody does.” That doesn’t sound too promising!

Lovato added that while she’s nurturing her own career, she loved being on the panel. (We loved her being there too, especially when she and Simon Cowell bantered back and forth!) “It’s just crazy ’cause at the same time, just like L.A. is, I’m trying to build a career for my own too. It was an amazing experience and I loved doing this show,” she assured. “It’s just, there’s no way to tell. I have no idea.”

Sounds to us like it may be a matter of timing, so she can record and tour in support of her own music, while still dedicating time to mentoring on the Fox show. And, of course, it’s likely also a matter of cash. Though ‘X Factor’ ratings improved since season 2, they were reportedly still not up to what Cowell had expected — and budget cuts may mean panel exits if the prices aren’t right.

ALSO, Demi: I Want To Record With 5H:

For the girls of Fifth Harmony, coming in third place on the X Factor finale on Dec. 20 may have been a bit of a bummer, but as other singing shows have proven, you don’t need to win to have a successful career. (Adam Lambert, anyone?) Mentor Simon Cowell has already implied that he may sign the girl group to his label, and now Demi Lovato has expressed a major interest in recording a duet with the girls! HollywoodLife.com caught up with Simon and Demi EXCLUSIVELY on Monday, Dec. 17, and, after mentioning how Fifth Harmony had thrived by performing Demi’s music throughout the season, asked if she would collaborate with them in the future on either their album or one of hers.

Before Demi had a chance to answer us, Simon spoke on her behalf. He told us,

“Demi has already agreed to do a duet if they make a record and to write three songs! I’d like to see any decent material that she gets to go to the girls! I know have this on tape so its kind of like a contract now, isn’t it?”

As Simon laughed at himself, Demi answered a bit more truthfully.

“So basically he answered the question. I am always open to collaborations and I would like to show these girls a ‘Thank you’ and show them how much they have done for me. If I can help in [an] album in any way or to collaborate since they are so down to earth girls. I would collaborate with any of the Top Three right now!”

After witnessing Demi perform her hit single “Give Your Heart A Break” with the girls during night one of the show’s finale on Wednesday, Dec. 19, we can’t wait to see another collaboration between them! Are you excited for a Demi-Fifth Harmony collaboration?

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