Overcoming Adversity: Demi Lovato

4 01 2013

Can’t Keep A Good Girl Down! Into everyone’s life a little rain must fall. But into some people’s lives monsoon rains fall, and celebrities are not exempt. Here are a few alpha female celebrities who rose above adversity to get where they are now…

Demi Lovato

If you think ordinary folks aren’t inspired by the hardship of celebrities, you obviously didn’t see Jillian Jensen on X Factor Season 2. Jillian took the stage and told judge Demi Lovato that she too had been bullied. Lovato has spoken publicly about the bullying she experienced in junior high, and how she battled depression and an eating disorder because of it. But as Lovato says to Jillian, “All the bullies are at home, watching us on X Factor.” Lovato battled her demons to rise to fame in short order, which should serve as a valuable reminder to all of us. That kid you make fun of in the school hallway may grow up to be your boss, the next Demi Lovato or Bill Gates.

ALSO, Demi announced on Jan. 4 that she will be take a “breather from Twitter.” The “X Factor” judge shared some advice about surrounding yourself with people you can trust and communicate with, and later told her fans that she will take a break due to gossip sites’ false stories.

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