Miley Cyrus @ the Recording Studio in Burbank

5 01 2013

Miley heading to a recording studio in Burbank, California (January 4). Accompanied by her friend Cheyne Thomas, Miley made her way into the studio, carrying her newly adopted puppy, Bean, in a duffel bag. More pics HERE.

Miley picking up food from Sharkey’s Mexican Grill in Los Angeles (January 5). More pics HERE.

ALSO, Pharrell talks working with Miley & what they have in common:

Pherrell Recently did an interview where he talked about what him and Miley have in common.

Ever wonder what Pharrell has in common with Miley Cyrus and Tyler, The Creator? Yeah, me neither, though after reading his explanation in a recent interview with Hypebeast, I have to admit it’s intriguing to hear how the three all came together to make music. Speaking of coming together to make music, Pharrell also discussed his N.E.R.D. bandmates and whether or not we can expect new music anytime soon. That response is less pleasing if you’re a fan.

Check out the excerpts:

What we all have in common is that we like new stuff, we like making music that doesn’t exist. That’s what Tyler has in common with me and what I have in common with Miley. Put it this way, he heard her music and next thing you know he’s in the picture with her. That’s not what you would expect, but that’s what I love doing: totally surprising people.

Any chance you guys getting back together for anything?

Oh man, I mean I’m N.E.R.D forever, so we’ll see.

You can check out the full article and interview with Pharrell HERE.

AND, K.Michelle And Miley Cyrus, two divas hangin’ out at Rite Aid:

We always knew K.Michelle was a diva, we just didn’t realize that birds of a feather stick together so literally. In this photo posted to Instagram around Christmas, K.Michelle ran into VH1 Divas star Miley Cyrus at the drug store (stars…they’re just like us!) and she captioned it “2 Chicks who give 0 f**ks. Love her @mileycyrus Real chicks shop at Rite Aid.” Yes, they do.





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