Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas Song Collaboration?

12 01 2013

Will Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas sing together on Demi’s new album? If tweets from Demi are to be believed, get ready for a Demi and Nick song collaboration. Demi told fans on Twitter last month that she was recording new music in the studio, asking if they could guess who she’s working with. Demi tweeted:

“Getting ready to go into the studio….Can you guess who I’m working with today? She later tweeted: “@nickjonas thumbs up for rock n roll!”

Is that a giveaway that Nick and Demi are working together? It doesn’t exactly confirm a Nemi collaboration, but then again, Demi did delete the tweet to Nick. We’re hopeful!

ALSO, Demi & Timbaland hint at a new song?

Demi and Timbaland worked together on her album Unbroken, but he is now hinting at a new single coming up. A fan reached out telling him their work on her last album was amazing. He agreed and then said he was finishing up on his half on another song, which he wasn’t too clear on. Demi confirmed that, but also remained hushed on what the song is. Of course, fans are happy and we don’t really care about what song it could be right now since so many are assuming it will be her next single. Here are the two tweets.

Source 1 & 2




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