‘So Undercover’ Bloopers

18 01 2013

ALSO, Canton band, “TwentyForSeven,” sings at Noah Cyrus’ birthday party:

Canton pop band TwentyForSeven was in the showbiz spotlight Tuesday night to rock at a 13th birthday party for Miley Cyrus’ little sister, Noah.

“It was super-cool,” lead vocalist Rajiv Dhall tells the Free Press. “Miley was really nice. Liam Hemsworth told us he liked the way we sounded and Instagram-ed a photo with us. And we had a huge talk with Billy Ray Cyrus, who was awesome. They were all really nice.”

Dhall says he and band mates Corey DeLuca, Blake Hayes and Matt Pastor performed five songs, including newest single “All I Ever Wanted,” in front of about 100 people at a private party at Level 3 nightclub in Los Angeles.

“There were paparazzi outside the club, and most people walked by, avoiding them,” he recalls. “When they asked us to be in a shot, we said, ‘Sure, why not?’ We’re probably the only people to pose for the paparazzi!”

As a special treat for the birthday girl, TwentyForSeven performed a mash-up of hits from hot British boy band One Direction.

“Noah was super-stoked; she was really into it,” Dhall says. “She even had me help her blow out the candles on her birthday cake. And the birthday cake, the back of it, caught on fire! It was a super-fun party.”

Dhall says that the band, represented by Michigan-based Live, the Music Group, will spend the next few weeks finishing a seven-song EP, “Forget the World,” which is being readied for a February release.

For more, go to livetmg.com/artist/twentyforseven.




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