Katie Couric Inspired By Demi Lovato

25 01 2013

For years, America’s sweetheart kept a disturbing secret from the world. Before she rose to fame as a television host and journalist, Katie Couric, 56, battled bulimia. In an interview with More magazine, Couric said that the eating disorder was linked to a poor self-image. In the February issue of More magazine, Katie Couric said she was surprised that people were so interested to learn that she had struggled with bulimia. Couric said she was inspired to come forward with her own story after interviewing singer Demi Lovato, who also struggled with the bulimia.

“I was asking people to reveal their innermost feelings about (this issue), and I actually know about it. I have had this issue; my sister Emily who passed away, had this issue,” Couric said. “So I thought, ‘This is the time.’ I tried to do it in a way that wasn’t ‘I had bulimia!’ But just ‘I had bulimia, and I know this mind game that goes on where if you don’t adhere to this strict calorie restriction.’ It makes you feel really bad about yourself, and this vicious cycle kicks in.”

In part, Couric said she was surprised by the reaction she has received in the tabloid press at the news of her former struggles with the eating disorder.

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