Help Skyscraper get Vevo Certified

3 02 2013

The first single off Unbroken, Skyscraper was released back in July 2011 and has over 80 million views on Vevo. If we manage to get it to 100 milion view it will become a Vevo Certified music video and Vevo will upload a lot of special video content! We know it might take a while but we can do it!

The relationship between artists and their fans is deeply passionate, and VEVO’S CERTIFIED program celebrates that passion. An elite group of artists – superstars all – have made music videos that have surpassed 100 million views on VEVO. Their fans are the drivers behind this achievement, wholeheartedly bringing the music into their daily lives. CERTIFIED honors such dedication while spotlighting the creativity that led to these tremendous milestones.

Exclusive interviews with both artists and their fans are at the center of CERTIFIED. Each series takes viewers behind the scenes of the videos, with the artists discussing the making of the clip and explaining how it impacted their careers. Additional profiles find paying tribute to the video and explaining how it personally impacted them. Each series will also feature one Ultimate Fan – recruited by VEVO via Facebook and Twitter – presenting the VEVO CERTIFIED statue to his/her favorite artist.

VEVO’s video view counts represent the only official metric across the digital landscape, including online and mobile views as well as those of syndication partner sites like AOL, Facebook, Yahoo! Music, and YouTube. Videos that have been “CERTIFIED” by VEVO have achieved a similar milestone to that of a Gold and Platinum album.

VEVO’s CERTIFIED statue signifies the visceral essence of music with a chiseled base and outstretched hand shaping a “V,” the universal music fan sign of approval. Its base is adorned with the Official VEVO CERTIFIED Seal on both sides, the VEVO logo on the back, and the artist’s accreditation on the front. It was sculpted by Matt Ramieri of the Florida-based company Inspired Bronze.

ALSO, Demi Lovato recorded song in Bleu’s living room:

Back in the heyday of artists like Elvis Presley and The Beatles, albums were recorded in studios packed with equipment and instruments and singers. For modern-day music producers like Bleu – who’s worked with such big-name musicians as “The X Factor” judge Demi Lovato, the Jonas Brothers and John Oates of Hall and Oates fame – a living room now can double as a recording studio.

During a presentation at the Macworld/iWorld conference in San Francisco, Bleu revealed that Lovato’s vocals for “In Real Life,” a song he cowrote for her album “Unbroken,” were recorded in the living room of his home in Los Angeles on a $100 microphone. The at-home recording session “was a little bit of a shock to her,” Bleu said, “but she got used to it pretty quickly.”

As a matter of fact, the entire tune was pretty much an at-home project. From a technology standpoint, Bleu relied on a MacBook; Pro Tools recording software; and an Mbox Mini, a compact, portable audio recorder.

AND, Demi to perform in Russia:

After Philippines and Indonesia Demi will also do a concert in Moscow, Russia on 27 March, 2013! There are still negotiating for another show in St. Petersburg. The tickets will go on sale February 11, 2013. If anything changes we’ll let you know!

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