Buy ‘So Undercover’ on DVD & Blu-Ray

5 02 2013

With a small release in Europe and a straight-to-DVD release in the US, So Undercover is soon to be out on DVD! The DVD is available in the US from February 5th, and in the UK from April 1st.

Miley Cyrus stars in this college-set action comedy. Molly Morris (Cyrus) is a wisecracking, streetwise young private eye who is sent undercover by the FBI to protect Alex (Lauren McKnight), daughter of a notorious gangster. Under the alias of Brooke Stonebridge, Molly is sent into a college sorority house where she must transform herself into a polite, sophisticated college student. As she undertakes her assignment of finding out all she can about Alex, Molly falls under the romantic spell of the charming Nicolas (Joshua Bowman).

We’ve put together some links for fans to buy the DVD, in both the US and the UK. If you have any more, let us know!

US – February 5th
          » Amazon (DVD click HERE, blu ray click HERE, instant video HERE)
          » Walmart (DVD click HERE, blu ray click HERE)
          » iTunes (click HERE)

UK – April 1st
          » Amazon (DVD click HERE)
          » Sainsbury’s (click HERE)




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