Lawson’s Adam Pitts: ‘Miley Cyrus’s Mum Fancies Us’

8 02 2013

lawsonofficial A morning of meetings – kicking off with the awesome guys at @cosmopolitian magazine!

Lawson have been off touring in the US and Canada for the last few weeks, but it’s not just a pile of fans bras and a Duty Free Toblerone they’ve come back with as apparently not only have they gained Miley Cyrus as a fan, but her mum quite fancies a piece of the action too.

Having apparently already managed to win over Taylor Swift during their set at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball, the lads are probably fairly used to being pursued by the famous ladies these days.

That said, they don’t seem to mind so much that Miley has been messaging them – even if it is just to relay the message that her mum Trish quite fancies showing them some American style snogging.

“This American trip has been so bizarre. We’ve been getting recognised in the street, have sold out our shows and now Miley Cyrus is following us on Twitter and saying her mum fancies us,” Adam said this week.

“Not bad considering we’ve not even decided on a US single yet.”

Well, lah-di-dah indeed. Sadly it looks like the lads are a bit more interested in their alone time to be honest.

Either way, do we smell a potential collaboration? What do you reckon – could you see it happening?

Lawson’s new single Learn To Love Again is out this week- bet Miley’s mum has got a copy. Or five.

Wonder if Miley called Kelly Osbourne to seek counsel on the public mum flirting like she did that time she decided to CUT OFF ALL HER HAIR…





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