‘Heart Attack’ Debuts @ #4 on the Digital Songs Chart!

6 03 2013

Demi Lovato scores her best sales week yet for a song download, as her new “Heart Attack” debuts at No. 4 with 215,000. Her previous best frame was earned when “Skyscraper” bowed with 176,000 downloads at No. 2 (July 30, 2011).

UPDATE: Demi had the 2nd-best first sales week for a song this year, topped only by Justin Timberlake.

Just outside the Hot 100’s top tier, Demi Lovato’s “Heart Attack” blasts in as the top debut at No. 12, spurred by first-week sales of 215,000, as it launches at No. 4 on Digital Songs. The sum is the second-best this year for a song in its first week of release, trailing only Timberlake’s “Suit,” which arrived with 315,000 (Feb. 2). The lead single from her forthcoming fourth album also starts at No. 70 on Radio Songs (15 million) and just below Streaming Songs (953,000, which includes plays of the song’s audio and lyric videos).

ALSO, Demi Lovato’s ‘Heart Attack’ Lyric Video Garners Huge Web Response

New single could make a big debut on next week’s Hot 100.

On Friday (Mar. 1), Demi Lovato debuted the lyric video for her new single, “Heart Attack,” via an interactive online campaign where fans unlocked the clip by tweeting the song’s lyrics along with the hashtag “#UnlockHeartAttack.”

The campaign garnered a remarkable amount of engagement, and the hashtag became a trending topic worldwide.

“We knew that we wanted to involve Demi’s fans in the lyric video, both in terms of how it was discovered and how it looked creatively,” says Trevor Kelley, Executive Director of Global Digital Marketing at Disney Music Group. “That was challenging to execute, because the volume of trends she had created over the past year, but we ended up with a clip that was very unique and compelling to watch.”

The audio of the song, released to her VEVO on February 25, has received over 3.7 million views to date, and the official lyric video that was unlocked at the conclusion of the campaign has received over 500,000 views.

“Heart Attack” is due to make a splash on Billboard’s charts next week. Following its radio and retail release on Monday (Feb. 25), sources suggest that the song could sell 200,000 first-week downloads, making for a notable Billboard Hot 100 debut next week. It should also enter the Pop Songs radio airplay chart when the list is compiled on Monday. (Pop Songs highlights will post Monday on Billboard.com, while all charts will refresh online next Thursday.)

The campaign was developed by Chicago-based digital production firm Eyes & Ears Entertainment.

“We wanted a campaign that would allow fans to be as active as they wanted, while still providing a specific call-to-action,” explains Brian Schopfel, Co-Founder of E&E. “By using the lyrics and scraping fans’ tweets for each word, her fans ended up creating multiple tweets and were really compelled to participate.”

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