7 Years Since Hannah Montana First Aired!

24 03 2013

7 years ago today (March 24, 2006), Hannah Montana starring Miley Cyrus, aired on Disney Channel around the world for the first time ever! With great success worldwide, Hannah Montana was the start of Miley’s successful career. Hannah Montana was one of Disney’s most popular TV shows in history. Along with the famous TV Show, a feature film was released in theaters worldwide on April 10th, 2009, known as “Hannah Montana: The Movie,” earning $155,545,279 in the Box Office. Though not airing anymore, people today still love and miss Hannah Montana. The successful TV show’s concluding episode aired on January 16, 2011, with 6.2 million viewers worldwide! Even today, Hannah Montana is greatly missed, and will always be in our hearts; without Hannah Montana, Miley wouldn’t be where she is today.

A little background and fun-facts:

1. Miley originally tried out for the role of Lily

2. Hannah Montana first aired on March 24, 2006 to an audience of 5.4 million people, a record for Disney!

3. The first “Hannah Montana” soundtrack was released in October 2006.





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