‘Heart Attack’ is Gold!

25 03 2013


ALSO, Demi interview with PhilStar in the Philippines:

SUPREME: Your past albums have seen you swerve from the teen pop route into more R&B and slick pop rock. What direction will you be taking in your new album?

DEMI LOVATO: It’s kind of a combination of everything that I’ve done before and stuff that I’m listening to now. You really just have to listen to hear it for yourself. Every time I try to pinpoint it, it really doesn’t get it exactly, so it’s pop, it has influences from other different genres of music (but) most of all, it’s me and that’s the way I’d describe it.

Your new song, Heart Attack, is about taking big risks. What have been some of the big risks that you took in your career since your treatment?

First off, just even coming back to music after treatment. It was a big risk for me because I didn’t know how people would receive me and my story. Thankfully, everyone’s been really supportive. Just coming back to music, X Factor, making more albums, everything you do in your career is a risk.

How has The X Factor changed your career?

It’s definitely opened up my demographic a lot. I no longer only have younger fans. It’s now maybe people who are watching the show with their parents. I have a wider audience now and it’s really, really amazing and it’s something I’m really thankful for.

Was it scary for you to be in such a wide audience?

Yeah, I was very nervous about doing X Factor, but it ended up being really great. I said yes because it was such an incredible opportunity that I didn’t want to let go.

What was it like mentoring kids your age?

Mentoring people was really fun. It was a learning experience for me. I think that it’s something that you can’t really prepare yourself for so when it happens, it just happens, but I think I can do a better job.

In Here We Go Again and Unbroken, you did a lot of collaborations. Did you also collaborate with other artists in your new album?

I did a collaboration, yes, and it’s really fun, it’s really cute. I think my fans will like it but you just have to wait and see who’s it with.

Do you ever feel too exposed or vulnerable when you’re writing about personal experiences?

Yeah, when I’m performing my songs, they are always written about personal experiences. When I perform them, it’s a very vulnerable feeling to open up my emotions to people on a stage.





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