Miley Cyrus & Kelly Osbourne on Going to Sorority Bootcamp For So Undercover

30 03 2013

That sounds like one form of bootcamp we’d actually be up for

Miley Cyrus and Kelly Osbourne starred together in So Undercover, a film that sees Miley play a private-eye hired by the FBI to go undercover at a college sorority to hunt out THE BADDIES. Her character’s a bit of a tomboy, so when she has to pose as a soroity sister she gets into a bit of a flap over shedding her tough-girl image and knuckling down to hair braiding and nail painting.

Turns out, actual real-life Miley was a bit curious about how the whole thing was gonna work out too, and the film’s producers sent her and Kelly Osbourne to a real-life sorority to hang out and ‘observe’, to get a real feel for what it was like to be part of.

The girls chatted about their experiences while they were shooting (so their hair is a total blast from the past in this video), and it actually all sounds a bit awesome.

If you missed So Undercover in the cinema, PANIC NOT as it’s out on DVD next week. Hurray!

ALSO, join us for a Miley Cyrus ‘So Undercover’ sleepover!

To celebrate the release of Miley Cyrus’ hilariously awesome chick-flick, So Undercover on DVD from 1st April, you are invited to We Love Pop’s first ever tweet-a-long slumber party, WHEY!

All you have to do is grab your mates and a shiny new copy of the So Undercover DVD, then on Thursday 4th April at 5:30pm, get your onesies on and your bums in front of the TV and join us in tweeting through the film.

We want to create the biggest online slumber party EVER, so through the week we’ll be posting cupcake recipes (yum, give us some now) and games that you and your mates can get involved with.

On the night, tweet us @WeLovePopMag with #SoUndercover and tell us exactly what you’re up to, who you’re watching it with and what your favourite bits are. OH IT’LL BE LOADSA FUN!

So stock up on the popcorn and get ready to hang out with us.

You can preorder your DVD ready for it now at: See ya later!

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In other news, win a March 2013 issue signed by Miley Cyrus.

Dearest Smilers:

Here at Cosmo, we’re pretty big Miley fans—we love her badass haircut, her edgy and ever-evolving style, that twerking video, this tweet (hahaha), and her no-BS attitude. Not many stars get as real as Miley did in her Cosmo interview, opening up about photo scandals and marriage to Liam. Miley is a total original at a time when you don’t see that very much, in Hollywood or in real life.

But as much as we love Miley…nothing could prepare us for how much you love Miley.

Our tweets introducing her issue were retweeted by the thousands—the most popular in Cosmo history. The issue flew of the shelves, generating immediate reports that it was sold out in some areas. And when Miley told you to decorate newsstands with her fab cover, the photos started rolling in by the hundreds. (A few of our favorites are saved here.)

“Did y’all realize how dooooope [my] fans are?!?!” Miley tweeted at us in the midst of the madness. “I loooove it.”

And so do we! To thank you for being the most amazing fans—and for making our jobs so fun—we’re giving away ten copies of the March issue signed by Miley herself. To enter, just comment on this article: Tell us your favorite thing about Miley’s interview, the best behind-the-scenes moment, her most amazing fashion look, whatever. On April 5, we’ll randomly pick ten winners and post their names here.

Please note that you must live in the USA and be the age of majority within your state to win. (We know Miley has heaps of international fans and we’re sorry—it’s a legal thing.) Make sure you check out the official contest rules here.

Finally: Big ups to Miley for taking time out from recording her BOMB ALBUM to sign these issues for you. After seeing firsthand the power of the Smilers, we understand why she did.

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