Nick Jonas Talks Miley Cyrus Lunch Rumors, Says He’s Happy for Liam

3 04 2013

The Jonas Brothers Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas stopped by  “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” and amongst debuting their new hit single, performing a cover of Frank Ocean‘s “Thinking About You”, and announcing their upcoming tour, Nick also divulged about those recent Miley Cyrus rumors!

After rumors broke that Nick and Miley, who broke up back in 2007, had met up recently for lunch in Toluca Lake, Ca., the fans wondered are these two back on? And Is Miley’s engagement to Liam Hemsworth officially in jeopardy?!

Nope! Not according to Nick. So what did happen?

The singer revealed: “I read it online actually and I was like, ‘Oh, this is interesting that I met up with her cause I’m at the studio.’ I didn’t meet up with her but we’re friendly we have a good relationship. I’m happy for her and Liam.” Laughing, “I think it’s one of those things there’s a lot of people that look like me I guess in that particular town so maybe they’re running around with Miley.”

Nick also admitted when rumors start about who he is dating, it’s not the most fun. Sharing: “It bothers me…I’m a pretty private person and the things I give away, I give away in music so it’s tough.”

Listen to the full interview HERE.

ALSO, J.Dash: Miley Cyrus & I Will Do a Collaboration Together

You’ve probably seen Miley Cyrus‘ unicorn-onesie-wearing Twerk video by now, but were you familiar with the “Wop” song before?!

J. Dash, the man behind the “Wop” jam, revealed to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” after Miley debuted her Twerking skills to his jam, the song has soared in popularity.

And J. Dash and Miley are no strangers. In fact, not only did Miley tweet him to check out the video, they also joked about getting matching unicorn tattoos.

So will we see a J.Dash and Miley collab in the near future?

J. Dash revealed: “We’re trying to work that out now, we will see if that happens. What’s crazy is that it wasn’t until Miley made that video that ‘Wop’ went mainstream. So it’s owed to the people to do a record, we have to.”

Download “Wop” HERE! Listen to the interview HERE.




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