Demi Lovato @ Z100 Studios

10 04 2013

Demi leaving Good Morning America in Times Square, New York City (April 10). More pics HERE.

Demi arriving at Z100 Studios. More pics HERE.

Demi visited the Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show. More pics HERE.

Demi leaving Z100 Studios. More pics HERE.

ALSO, During an interview with Garrett from Z100, Demi opened up about breaking her leg the night before she shot the cover photo for her upcoming album Demi.

  • Watch the interview HERE.

AND, Demi Lovato stopped by Elvis Duran’s morning show today to promote her new single, Heart Attack!

On her tweet telling girls not to wear make-up: “If I could tell myself a couple years ago like, ‘Hey you don’t need that much make-up, take it off’.. I’d love to go back in time and just not wear that much. So I wanted to show girls like, hey, you don’t have to do that to your face.”

On her new record: “I did do one collaboration, I did a song with Cher Lloyd… it’s just a girl-anthem, it has a lot of attitude, a lot of sass. I just thought she’d be perfect on it. All the other songs are by myself; I co-wrote with a lot of people. Some of the songs are very catchy pop songs that will get stuck in your head… and there’s other songs that are a lot heavier than some of the other things I’ve released in the past.”

On meeting Jay-Z: “Awhile ago.. I didn’t have any fear, and I was walking in the hallway at the AMAs, and Jay-Z walked by and I just popped right in front of him and was like ‘Hey Jay-Z, I’m Demi!’. I shook his hand, and I was like 16. He was just like ‘what’, so confused. I definitely don’t think he’d ever remember that, because I didn’t really remember it until later.”

On her not-so-nice past: “When I was younger, I didn’t really treat people that great. I was growing up, I had hormones, and I was overworked, and in the midst of a ton of other issues. And… I wasn’t nice to people… It’s something that I had to learn the hard way. I didn’t have many people around me at the time telling me ‘Hey, you’re being a little brat.’ And now, I do, so if I’m getting grumpy, I have people around me that’ll say ‘straighten up, because you’re better than that.'”

  • Watch the full interiew HERE.

Demi’s had an interview with KTU FM. More pics HERE.

  • Watch the interview HERE.
  • Demi hangs out with Garrett – Full interview HERE.



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