Demi Lovato Dishes On New Music & The X-Factor

12 04 2013

Thanks to Chelsea Burns and Acuvue had the opportunity to ask Demi (!!!!!) a few questions about her work with Acuvue, her mentor growing up, her new album and more. Read it below:

DLD: How did you get involved with Acuvue 1-Day last year and what made you want to do it again? Can you tell us more about this project?
Demi: I became involved with the ACUVUE® 1-DAY Contest because I want to help teens reach their dreams. The contest gives teens the opportunity to submit videos about their dreams on the ACUVUE® Brand YouTube channel, and the winners get to be mentored for a day by myself or one of the other celebrities involved. The lucky winners will also receive a trip to Los Angeles and a one-year supply of 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® Brand Contact Lenses.
DLD: How do you like your role as a mentor?
Demi: I love it! I love being able to inspire teens to follow their dreams and be a part of helping them achieve their goals.
DLD: Who came closest to a mentor to you growing up?
Demi: The person who was the biggest mentor to me growing up was my mom.
DLD: What’s your advice for aspiring singers and actresses?
Demi: My best advice would be to never stop believing in yourself whatever your goal may be and go after your dreams. Believing in yourself and your abilities is the most important way to help dreams become reality.
DLD: How important are contacts for you?
Demi: My 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® Brand Contact Lenses are a huge part of my life! They give me so much self-confidence and I never have to worry about or care since I toss them out at the end of each day. They are also super comfortable throughout the whole day, even when I’m traveling.
DLD: What should we expect from the album?
Demi: I’m really excited for my fans to hear my new album—I co-wrote a lot of the songs and think of it as a celebration of life! You can expect some fun pop songs but also some emotional songs where I share things I haven’t shard in the past…
DLD: Do you have a message for the Lovatics that visit
Demi: I love you and thank you for being amazing!

To enter the contest please visit and go to our previous post that contain all the details you need to sign up!

ALSO, Demi dishes on new music and The X-Factor:

Even a broken leg can’t slow Demi Lovato down! She talks exclusively to Seventeen about music she loves, what’s going through her mind during X-Factor auditions, and why she loves being an Acuvue mentor.

All About The Music

“I’m really excited about my song, ‘Heart Attack,’ and for my album to come out in May. I’ll be announcing a tour later this year, so everyone should be on the lookout for that! There are so many artists who inspire me as a musician. Cher Lloyd is talented and incredibly sweet. I’m also really loving Ke$ha’s new album—I’ve actually been friends with her for a long time. Bruno Mars’ new album is fantastic, too!”

On Finding The Next One Direction

“As a judge on The X-Factor, forming groups as well as finding individual talent is definitely on my mind. It’s not something I think about during the initial audition process, but later if we don’t have enough groups, we’ll make one. I try and think about which people would sing well together. If PSY had auditioned on The X-Factor I would have thought he was funny, but I need someone who can sing. I don’t get the whole ‘Gangham Style’ crazy—sorry!”

How She Gives Back

“I’ve teamed up with Acuvue to mentor teens and try to help them achieve their dreams by building their confidence. It’s important to me because I wish I had someone to mentor me when I was younger. I would have loved for my favorite singer to give me advice!”

Killer Confidence

“When I’m all dressed up and glam, I’m worried about everything looking perfect. I’m worried about my hair staying in place or my concealer looking flawless. Honestly, I feel most confident when I’m in sweatpants, wearing no makeup, and am at home. That’s when I feel the most comfortable.”

Demi’s Trauma-Rama!

“My roommate had just cleaned the hardwood floors at our house, but forgot to tell me. I’m super clumsy so when I walked into the living room, I slipped and fell. I actually ended up breaking my leg! Luckily it was nothing a little Tylenol and an ice-pack couldn’t fix, but I had to wear a cast for a while and now everyone knows how clumsy I am!”

ALSO, Demi, Joe, Dwight & Shay Share Tips to Make an ACUVUE® 1-DAY Contest video:

AND, “Heart Attack” music video is #1 on iTunes!

Watch a “Heart Attack” remix HERE.





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