Demi Lovato Arriving @ LAX

19 04 2013

Demi Lovato arriving at LAX Airport from Miami (April 18). More pics HERE.

ALSO, Demi gives ‘X Factor’ auditions tips:

Demi Lovato is the Queen of The X Factor! After having shared the process with Britney Spears last season (the only other female on the judging panel), Demi is back alongside Simon Cowell for a brand new season of crazy auditions and amazing talent (minus Britney)! Lulu and Lala from Ty Loves NY will be auditioning for the upcoming season of The X Factor when the auditions hit NYC on Thursday, April 25th. But what is it like to audition for a reality singing competition? Lulu and Lala both offer a unique twist, since they are identical twin sisters. But what else do they need (other than a great voice) to help give them that extra special something for the X Factor producers and eventually, Demi and Simon? Lulu and Lala took over the first half of Demi’s interview with Zann to ask all things The X Factor; but most importantly the audition process.

Demi confessed to the twins that it’s all about “the look”:

“That is the very first thing that I notice. Because sometimes in that “look”, people have a twinkle in their eye. And if they don’t have that twinkle, than see ya!”

Demi compared The X Factor with other singing reality shows:

“The audition performance, it’s not just the voice but if you come at the judges with something refreshing (after a long day’s of auditions) than it might be memorable.

According to Demi the twins DO have that twinkle. But they might have to work extra hard for Simon. He IS Mr. Cowell after all.





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