Will.I.Am Gushes About Miley’s New Music in His Google+ Hangout

24 04 2013

FF 56:10 to watch Miley. They talk about the Fall Down collaboration, Miley’s new music and spending time in the studio:

With a brand-new album out Tuesday (April 23), it’s been a pretty exciting day for will.i.am. So the singer/producer decided a laid-back hangout would be the best way to celebrate. And since will’s a fan of the cyber world — his #willpower album is a hashtag, after all — a hangout on Google was a no-brainer.

Britney Spears, Nicole Scherzinger, Miley Cyrus and record exec Jimmy Iovine stopped by to talk about their work on #willpower. And the hangout turned out to be one big gush fest.

The pop princess herself began the chat cameos by talking about “Scream & Shout,” the first single off the album, which dropped a few months early. “I’ve always been a fan of will. I think he gets our generation,” she said. And although will could “not confirm or deny” his executive producing Brit’s eighth album, Spears showed love for his attitude in the studio. “His energy is just electric. He’s a charmer.”

With an LP chock full of quality musicians, the hangout could’ve gone on for hours if his other collaborators were involved. Justin Bieber, Ne-Yo, Rihanna, Chris Brown, David Guetta, Eva Simons and Redfoo also appear on the album, but Miley and Nicole seemed the most excited to share their team-ups.

Scherzinger, who has an undeniably quirky chemistry with the “Far Away From Home” producer, admitted to stalking will back in 2001 and added, “will and god have been the authors of my life.”

But the bragging wasn’t all directed at will. The leather-capped, collar-chain-rocking musician threw all his excitement Miley’s way, giving plenty of teases into her upcoming music.

“This new Miley stuff is so freaking… yo,” will said, speechless at first. “She has redefined everything you thought Miley Cyrus was. … I’m so blessed to have collaborated with her before the world gets melted by her wonderfulness.”

Cyrus was flattered, and echoed his exhilaration. “When will asked me to do this — I promised by fans a record by the beginning of the year and I wasn’t able to do it because I got so obsessed with being in the studio, that I wanted to stay here ’cause it keep getting better — so I wanted my fans to get something knew before I still felt pressured to put my sh– out.”

Miley explained their collabo “Fall Down,” from its orchestral arrangements to its edgier verses to its pop chorus, but will, again, turned his attention to Cyrus’ album. “It feels epic. Like Quincy Jones just sneezed on it,” he said, joking, “You gotta sedate her to pull her out of the studio.”

In the end, after explaining why he going back to going back to school for computer science — “I know I’m going to be doing something different at 58.” — will’s takeaway message about his album was this:

willpower is the ability to keep your dreams going and withstand any hate because there are people trying to put our down for being unique or an individual or unequal. …#willpower is the ability to stay strong and weather that storm,” he said, reminiscing on his high school days where he was made fun of and looking at today’s online world.

“There’s so much hate. Social is based on comments and replies, not understanding,” will said. ” You have to have some type of willpower to keep you strong. This record is the 15-yearold version of me.”

Going back to school for computer science to prepare himself for what he wants to do when he gets older. “What am I gonna be doin at 58? I’m not gonna be like ‘let’s get it started’ I know I’m going to be doing something different.

Buy “Fall Down” on iTunes!





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