Miley Cyrus On The Real Change Project

25 04 2013

JTM partnered with CBS and the producers of R.E.A.L. Change to highlight teacher Brett McGuire and his work with students in 2011 — they were thrilled to host Miley Cyrus for an afternoon, where she performed “The Climb” and donated a piano (valued at $10,000) from the non-profit charity partner “Adopt-A-Classroom”

ALSO, Billy Ray Cyrus on Daughter Miley’s Life in the Spotlight: “Fame Is a Very Dangerous Thing”

Miley Cyrus will always have a No. 1 fan in her dad.

During an interview with E! News‘ Terrence Jenkins and Giuliana Rancic on Wednesday to promote his upcoming book Hillbilly Heart, Billy Ray Cyrus addressed his relationship with his famous daughter and the media attention devoted to her style and, of course, her wedding plans.

“I like right now just being her daddy and her friend,” he said. “I like where our relationship is at right now. I’m very proud of her.”

Miley can’t help but make headlines, whether it be for chopping off and lightening her locks, for tweeting or for making people wonder if she and fiancé Liam Hemsworth will actually walk down the aisle.

And through it all, Billy Ray says he has tried to handle it the best way he knows how, drawing from his own experience in the limelight.

“There’s two sides to the sword, and fame is a very dangerous thing. So you handle it with respect and caution, step by step, day by day,” he said. “Knowing that, for me, I had a friend to talk to—he was called my dad—and that’s what I try to be for Miley.”

Watch the clip HERE to find out what Billy Ray said after Liam asked for Miley’s hand in marriage!




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