‘Heart Attack’ Has Gone Platinum!

27 04 2013

ALSO, Demi on big screen at Radio Disney Music Awards:

AND, Demi loves and lets go:

Can’t wait until May 14 to hear Demi Lovato’s next album, Demi? Well, Lovato may have heard your calls. She took to Twitter late Thursday to give fans a sneak peek at some of the lyrics she’ll be belting out. She kicked off the mini-spree by tweeting the lyric “Can you be my nightingale?” before launching into several more tweets, giving a glimpse at what she’ll be singing about on her fourth studio album.

Much like the album’s lead single “Heart Attack”, which put Lovato’s love on the line; she gets vulnerable for love again. On the unnamed tune, Demi proclaims, “So even if I lose it all, I’ve got so much left to give. I won’t give up. My heart’s on the frontline I’m NOT afraid…”

Letting Go
But, it seems there’s also a track where she’s willing to let go. One song will include the line, “Strong enough to leave you, weak enough to need you, cared enough to let you walk away…”

Another cut appears to deal with loss and companionship. The lyrics go, “There’s a boy, lost his way, looking for someone to play… There’s a girl in the window, tears rolling down her face…We’re only lost children trying to find a friend, trying to find a way back home.”

However, she wouldn’t confirm which lyrics match which song titles. She left that up to her Lovatics. Suspex producer Jason Evigan, previously told MTV News that the span of emotion Demi teased makes sense, considering just how much Lovato has grown over the last couple years.

“I think she’s matured into a woman. I think this album, even though she’s a young lady, her music this album is going to take her to like a Kelly Clarkson now. She’s gonna be like a Pink after this album. All the songs are credible. There’s no cheese,” he shared about the May release. “It’s all real classic songs. I think she has one of the best voices out there right now. This album’s gonna really show that and bring her to that next level where she’s not a Disney star.”

In addition to “Heart Attack,” Evigan also worked on several other tracks on the album including “Made in the USA,” “Never Been Hurt” and “Two Pieces.” Additionally, the album will include a perfect storm of “X Factor” judge goodness, with an appearance from one-time “X Factor” U.K. contestant Cher Lloyd. She’ll join the current “X Factor” U.S. judge on the track “Really Don’t Care.”

AND, Demi and Sebastian discuss working with Timbaland on “All Night Long” and “Abracadabra” (unnamed in the interview) back in 2011. Listen to a snippet of “Abracadabra” HERE.

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