Miley Cyrus Plans to Release New Single This Summer: “All I Do Is Focus on My Music”

29 04 2013

Grabbing a sweet treat with a friend, Miley stopped off at a local Mechie’s shop in Studio City, California (April 28). More pics HERE.

Miley shopping at Target. More pics HERE.

Miley Cyrus is all about the music.

Despite the media interest in her relationship with Liam Hemsworth, the former Disney darling is choosing to put all her energy into her upcoming album—and a new single that a source exclusively tells E! News will drop this summer.

“All I do is focus on my music,” Miley insisted when she joined pal in a Google+ live chat yesterday. “The only place I ever am is at the studio.”

Although current tabloid reports suggest Miley and Liam have called off their engagement, a source tells E! News “the wedding is not off” and the former Hannah Montana star’s work with her new music may explain why the couple is spending more time apart.

“My friends, my relationships with like everyone around me has honestly changed since I’ve been working on my record, because it is the only thing that I have wanted to give 120 percent to,” Cyrus explained.

Regardless of the split reports, Miley has always said she will release her album before she begins planning her wedding, and she admits her priorities have shifted while she’s busy in the studio.

“I think it is like the only time in my life that I have pushed everything aside, everyone aside, anything you know that really mattered and it really became just about the music.”

So, when can expect more music from Miles?

As noted above, a source exclusively tells E! News the singer hopes to release her first single in the summer, possibly as soon as June, with her album to follow later in the year.

In summary? The wedding is on, Miley’s music is coming soon and the darling duo is still together.

Got it, tabloids? Now, let’s all move on to the singer’s new tunes!





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