Lil’ Kim Talks New BFF Miley Cyrus, Reveals Song Collaboration

1 05 2013

Miley filling up her car in Studio City (April 30). More pics HERE.

Miley heading into the studio in Los Angeles (May 1). She was joined by a friend for the studio session. More pics HERE.

Talk about an unlikely friendship! Former Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus has recently been spotted out and about with none other than Lil’ Kim in Miami — and Miley also just made a cameo appearance in Kim and her protégée Tiffany Foxx’s new “Twisted” music video.

The pair even took to Twitter to show each other some sisterly love. Miley gushes that Kim makes her smile and Kim has officially ordained Miley as part of her royal Twerk Team. We see that these girls just want to have fun, and we’ve been dying to ask about their new bond.

Wetpaint Entertainment recently caught up with the Queen Bee at her show at Gramercy Theatre in New York City on Friday, April 26, and she opened up about her new bestie Miley and revealed a future music collaboration.

“We always have fun,” Kim exclusively tells Wetpaint. “She was just with me in Miami.”

While the dynamic duo has been setting South Beach ablaze, Kim also told us that their friendship goes beyond just having a good ol’ kiki. “We support each other,” Kim shared, “and we’re supposed to be doing something together with her, as well, so look forward to that!”

A Lil’ Kim and Miley Cyrus collaboration? Kimmie, what’s the tea? “[Miley] sent me and Tiffany a really, really fun song,” teases the Brooklyn emcee. Sounds like Kim and Miley fans can soon expect a “Party in the B.K.”

Kim went on to dispel false assumptions about her new homegirl.

“I love Miley!” Kim exclaimed. “She’s just so different from what people would think. She’s so real. I love the realness.”

We love the realness, too. So in the spirit of keeping it real, we had to ask Kim about Miley’s recent “Twisted” music video appearance. In honor of the song’s namesake, was Miley getting “twisted” with Kim and Tiffany on set?

Well, it seems like Lil’ Kim doesn’t party and tell, but she did leave us with this: “Let’s just put it this way: We had a lot of fun!”

As for Miley’s recent twerk video — which shows the singer popping her booty while dressed as a unicorn — we asked Kim how complicit she was in the viral video. Did Kim teach Miley how to twerk? “She can teach me how to twerk,” Kim joked.

While we might have to wait a little bit before that Lil’ Kim and Miley Cyrus collaboration comes into fruition, Kim fans will definitely get to enjoy some new Kim music this summer. The Queen Bee drops a new single the first week of July, and has a new hit with IRS signee Young Goldie called “1Hunnit.”

Can’t wait to see what these ladies have up their sleeves for us!

ALSO, Mac Miller briefly talks about Miley in an interview. Watch the interview HERE and FF to 11:30. “She’s gonna put out an album that’s gonna be dope.”





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