Miley Cyrus for Maxim Hot 100

6 05 2013

Breaking the news via her Twitter account, Miley shared with us late on Friday night that she landed #1 on Maxim’s 2013 Hot 100 List! She shared a beautiful photo on her page, wearing a gold bathing suit and gold jewellery to match, tweeting:

Let’s all give it up for Miley Cyrus, you guys! In between fanning Met Ball rumors and nabbing consecutive covers for ELLE UK and V magazines last week, the singer has managed to land herself the coveted #1 spot on Maxim’s Hot 100 list! Seriously, though, this is NO easy task. Each year the men’s publication pits hotties from the music, film, and fashion worlds against each other, and this time around, Miley (and her Smilers, obviously) stole 2012’s crown right out from under model Bar Rafaeli. Not that this pop star really needs to prove her hotness, or anything. I mean, can we all talk about this photo above?! Posted over the weekend, the image shows her channeling a Bond girl bombshell in a metallic gold swimsuit, tons of glimmering jewelry, and sultry, straight-on gaze. She may have been #68 on the list just last year, but Miley’s come a long way since then… that’s for sure.

While Miley’s past couple of mag appearances have seen her hair flipped up (think chic ski-jump), this time around she’s going for an extreme side part that reminds us of that ’60s style she rocked a few months back. It’s more subtle than the one she usually sports, but this slicked ‘do also allows the focus to naturally drift toward Miley’s smoky beauty look— defined brows, kohl-rimmed eyes, and nude lips— giving the entire shimmery spread a very ’70s glam appeal. Also, that tattoo not-so-secretly peeking out from the maillot’s cut-out side? We see you.

Let’s be honest: scoring the #1 spot as bonafide hottie provides for some major bragging rights. And Miley herself was the one who tweeted the news out over the weekend! Well, along with some other news:

Yep, Miley has Instagram, y’all! Whether it’s posting photos of a blingy manicure, her dogs, and life on the PJ, she’s been ‘gramming up a storm over the past few days. Sigh. Will Met Ball pictures come later tonight? We’re betting yes. So click “Follow” now, and in the meantime, tell us what you think of her Maxim shoot!

Mary-Jaaaaaannne 🌳❤👌






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